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Accuracy Quality Control of Solar Sealant Coated on Photoele

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The quality of solar sealant applied to products such as photoelectric components is relatively good. There are some direct factors that affect the quality of the coating. The equipment and accessories selected should be considered and used. The automatic dispensing machine recommended by the equipment can complete most of the plane sealing filling work. If the solar sealant is applied completely without damaging the surface recommendation. The use of tapered needles, scratch-proof features make the tapered needles can also be used in the production line of bulb lamp gluing and filter gluing.
Solar Sealant Coating
Accuracy Guarantee of Photoelectric Component Coating
Solar sealant is used to bond and seal back film such as FV or TPE. It can also be used in plane seals of solar lamps. It has a wide range of applications and excellent bonding performance. It is environmentally friendly and has no pollution effects such as corrosion. Solar sealant has no impact on degumming and other problems. It can control the problem of wire drawing and surface damage by using tapered needle. It takes about 24 hours to achieve the maximum curing strength after coating. Precise control of automatic dispensing machine is suitable for filling bulbs and batch filters. Ball bulbs belong to one kind of LED lamps, so the filling process of bulbs is also suitable for sealing with solar sealant.
Photovoltaic Electromagnetic Film Coating
Treatment of Glue-coated Material
First of all, the surface of photoelectric components should be cleaned up, and the rust dust and oil dirt on the surface should be removed at the same time. Then, the amount of solar sealant coated on the clean sealing surface should be controlled by a conical needle, so that the distribution of the amount of solar sealant is uniform and suitable for sealing and bonding. It is suitable for the plane sealing of most photoelectric components. The semi-finished products should be placed in the air after being coated with solar sealant. Waiting in gas for natural solidification and sealing, as well as finishing filling of bulb lamp, filter and other products.
Plastic PP Conical Needle
The precision quality of solar sealant coating is affected by the control of dispensing machine and dispensing accessories, such as spherical bulb glue filling and filter glue coating.
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