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Amber needle barrel for multi-specifications opaque dispensi

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The amber syringe provided by the neutral system is an accessory in the production line of storage dispensing for photosensitive UV glue. Its application characteristics are good impermeability and sealing. It can be loaded on dispensing machine to control such adhesives as UV glue and photosensitive glue to finish packaging and coating. The pressure-driven piston is tightened by the adapter of dispensing syringe to promote the internal glue production. The amber syringe is suitable for use in dispensing machine. The glass bonding of transparent bonding and the production links of mobile phone bonding with toughened film belong to a specific dispensing accessories.
Amber UV adhesive syringe
Necessity of Amber Needle Barrel
Photosensitive UV glue will be cured gradually by ultraviolet light in the light. It can not be used to store UV glue with ordinary translucent needle barrel. It is easy to be cured gradually by light illumination before dispensing. Therefore, the stability of storage point of UV glue can be improved by using amber color which weakens light intensity. A variety of amber color needle barrels can be used for storage point to produce UV glue. Uniform control flow stability, matched dispensing syringe adapter connected with air supply hole flawless leakage, etc., to prevent the leakage of UV glue, so that transparent glass bonding and cell phone toughening film links can also be used.
Types of amber dispensing syringes
Applicability of Transparent Materials
UV glue can only be used for bonding and bonding of transparent materials, because the opaque materials can not be cured by ultraviolet light. According to this characteristic, it can be used for bonding and sealing of transparent materials such as glass. The transparent materials can be used for irradiating ultraviolet light into the bonding site to speed up the reaction rate of UV glue. The amber needle barrel is equipped with a needle barrel adapter to control glue stability and high efficiency. The glass on both sides is bonded. The process of placing toughened film on mobile phone should be controlled by Amber needle barrel. Amber needle barrel can be used to bond most transparent glass and maintain high stability in the process of placing toughened film with high precision.
Black UV photosensitive adhesive
Multi-specification amber needle barrel has high accuracy and good stability for flow control. The intermediate system can provide 10CC, 30CC, 50CC and other common specifications.
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