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Application Effect of Auto-dispensing Technology for Mobile

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When some mobile phones leave the factory, the manufacturer will attach a toughened film for protection against impact and breakage. Auto-dispensing equipment or manual operation can be used to coat the glue on the bonding surface by contact dispensing. This is a brief introduction of the links of sticking the toughened film. Considering the difference between UV glue and AB glue, it is recommended to use UV glue for the links of sticking the toughened film. UV glue is suitable for the steel with high transparency. Membrane is used for bonding and gluing. Amber syringe mounted on dispensing machine can control the glue content, which meets the production requirement of toughening film for mobile phone, and can also be used for inner glass bonding similar to transparent material.
Steel Film Seal for Coating Point
Synchronized improvement of efficiency and quality by automatic dispensing
It is recommended to use automation equipment in the production line with high precision and strong consistency. Automated dispensing equipment and technology are far superior to manual operation in terms of accuracy control and efficiency stability. Manual operation is difficult to control the accuracy and accuracy required for both sides of the film. The adhesive point after contact dispensing is uneven. After understanding the difference between UV and AB glue, it is clear to use UV glue. The way of bonding with the steel film which is more in line with the transparent material of the amber syringe is chosen. Manual operation mode controls the unstable and slow path of UV gluing on the amber syringe. It can not be completely used in the links of sticking the steel film. Automatic dispensing machine controls the precision and quality of contact dispensing. High precision control of the amber syringe moving out guarantees the consistency of the good product rate. It is also suitable for transparent materials such as glass bonding.
Amber black dispensing syringe
Recommended glue for film sticking
The difference between UV adhesives and AB adhesives lies in their different properties. UV adhesives can accelerate the curing rate after being irradiated by ultraviolet light, while AB adhesives can accelerate the reaction rate through A adhesives and B catalysts. It is recommended that users of UV adhesives with transparent materials such as toughening film and glass bonding, and automatic dispensing machine controls the quality of contact dispensing used in amber needle barrels. Strong uniformity and stability.
UV photosensitive adhesive
At present, the mainstream of automatic dispensing machine is more recommended to control contact dispensing to improve the quality and effect of the steel film.
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