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Selection of Amber Needle Barrel for Quality Control of Two-

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The common way of glass bonding is to stick two sides together by holding the needle barrel manually or dropping out glue with automatic equipment. Either way can be used in both sides of glass sealing. Amber needle barrel is recommended for the effect and efficiency of glass bonding. UV glue belongs to glue that will gradually solidify when exposed to ultraviolet light. When it comes into contact with ultraviolet light, it begins to solidify gradually. Amber needle barrel can avoid UV glue being cured by UV light during storage. It can be used with dispensing controller and dispensing needle barrel adapter for manual application of UV glue. It is suitable for transparent materials such as glass bonding, lamp sealing, mobile phone toughening film bonding.
Bonding reinforcement of toughened glass
Reasons Suitable for Glass Bonding
Glass belongs to transparent amorphous inorganic non-metallic material, which belongs to irregular amorphous solid. It is mainly used in construction and other industries. The reason why UV glue is recommended to be used for two-sided bonding is that transparent material can receive ultraviolet irradiation and strengthen reaction rate. The adjuster of dispensing needle barrel can control the operation of UV glue after connecting Amber needle barrel. As long as the operation is good, it can avoid glass bonding. The appearance of bubbles affects the bonding degree of glass. At the same time, no obvious trace after bonding is relatively more beautiful. It is also suitable for the same transparent lamp seals and mobile phone products such as plastering toughened film.
UV photosensitive adhesive
The versatility of UV glue is strong
The main reason for using UV glue to finish glass bonding is that its attributes accord with the use. Most transparent materials, including glass, can be coated and bonded with photosensitive UV glue. The same is true for the link where the mobile phone is bonded with a toughened film. The toughened film used to protect the smart phone from dust and impact is also a transparent material. It supports the use of photosensitive UV glue to bond the two sides together and the dispensing needle barrel is adapted. The device is used to seal the fixed amber needle barrel and provide pressure-driven piston produced by the air compressor to extrude UV glue. The amount of UV glue controlled by the tempered film lock is even. In order to ensure the good rate and stability of glass bonding and the sealing between the tempered film and the lamps and lanterns on the mobile phone, the automatic dispensing machine is recommended to control the amount of UV glue.
Sealing of lamp holder
Ultraviolet glue and amber needle barrel can also be used for sealing and storage of lamps and lanterns. It is the same principle to bond with transparent materials such as glass. Check whether there are defects or leaks in needle barrel adapter to prevent poor sealing when it is used.
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