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Brief talk about the difference between UV glue and AB glue

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This article will briefly explain the difference between UV and AB adhesives for users to choose and use. First of all, we need to understand their properties before they can be put into practical application. UV adhesives belong to UV-curable adhesives. After being irradiated by UV light, the curing rate will be greatly accelerated. Special amber needle barrels are needed to store them before they can be cured internally. AB adhesives are a mixture of two liquids. A adhesives are bulk adhesives while B adhesives are catalysts. Quantitative mixing control of the two liquids can be used for contact dispensing, so the difference between UV and AB glue lies in the difference of reaction curing mode of glue, and the same difference exists in application, which is suitable for the production of transparent materials such as bonding toughened film to glass on mobile phones.
Bicomponent AB mixed glue
Differences in Curing Efficiency Improvement
UV glue and AB glue can also be used for contact dispensing in dispensing machine. UV glue needs special amber needle barrel for storage and curing prevention, while AB glue needs double liquid valves or special rubber barrel for storage. UV glue belongs to liquid inert glue in normal condition. When it is irradiated by ultraviolet light, the reaction rate will be greatly increased, and it needs to be stored in amber needle barrel to avoid unused. The curing of AB adhesives is controlled by adjusting the proportion of glue, so the difference between UV adhesives and AB adhesives is more prominent. The contact dispensing of glass adhesives and mobile phone toughened films should pay attention to these problems.
Black ultraviolet UV adhesive
Application Angle of UV Adhesive and AB Adhesive
In fact, the difference between UV glue and AB glue is also a way to reflect the difference between them. Mobile phone is used to stick toughened film and transparent material control glue such as glass bonding. Xiaobian recommends using photosensitive UV glue to control bonding. Because UV glue used in materials with transparent effect meets the requirement of strengthening curing speed by ultraviolet radiation, and needs to store glue out by Amber needle barrel with weak light, so it is suitable for toughening of transparent material. Membrane bonding and glass bonding are two kinds of production, while AB glue is relatively more suitable for contact dispensing of industrial product packaging and bonding.
Mobile Phone Steel Film Coating
The quality of tempered film is required to be the same as the precision of glass bonding, so after defining the difference between UV glue and AB glue, it is recommended to use automatic dispensing machine to control the accuracy and efficiency of tempered film for small and precise mobile phones.
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