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A simple understanding of the principle of pressure barrel i

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The manufacturer of pressure barrel reminds you that it is helpful to understand the principle of pressure barrel properly for product manufacturing and subsequent production. As a brief introduction to the principle and operation, this paper can help users to better complete high-quality dispensing control production, complete batch electronic packaging or relay dispensing efficiency and quality enhancement. It will be helpful to widespread Users in industry application. The operation principle of clamp stainless steel pressure barrel as pressure barrel is briefly introduced.
Medium Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Brief introduction to the principle and application of pressure barrel
The special clamp-type stainless steel pressure barrel with the main stream of the rubber delivery barrel has a remarkable effect of continuous and stable rubber supply. The top of the barrel is equipped with air intake, mixer, outlet, pressure gauge, safety valve, exhaust valve and feeding port. The inner barrel manufacturer can agree to install metal blades with automatic stirring. The specifications of 5-liter pressure barrel are moderate and can be used to complete rel points in batches. In the glue work, the air pressure will gradually squeeze the glue stored in the pressure barrel through the air compressor after connecting the stomata, and then be transported to the glue valve through the top of the pipe. The pneumatic stirring motor is used to control the air pressure to control the nature of the glue transported, so that the glue stored in the clamp-type stainless steel pressure barrel is more uniform and stable, and the glue layer is not easily adhered by the internal blade stirring. Degree is affected. This is the general principle of pressure barrel.
Multi-specification stainless steel pressure barrel
Easy to adjust
After understanding the principle of pressure barrel, it is more convenient to adjust properly. This is the operation suggestion given by pressure barrel manufacturer. For example, when the glue supply is low, the operator who understands the principle can adjust the air pressure independently. For the storage and application of high viscosity glue, the pressure barrel with bottom glue will be automatically selected. When the built-in capacity is insufficient, it can be customized to a 5 liter pressure barrel with moderate specifications, so as to facilitate the The electronic product sealant and relay dispensing can be adjusted, which is a positive role in understanding the principle of dispensing pressure barrel.
Stainless steel pressure drum
At present, the mainstream specification is 5-liter pressure barrel, the storage capacity is moderate and the cost meets the user's target. It is more helpful for you to choose a manufacturer with quality assurance to purchase high-quality pressure barrel and understand the principle and operation of pressure barrel.
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