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Flow control of ceramic dispensing valve recommended for mot

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Automobile built-in motor back cover needs to be glued to seal the end face. When motor glued, it can be glued with universal sealant. Motor glued 502 can be used to reinforce waterproof and dust-proof. Small ceramic dispensing valves can be selected for fluid quantitative control of the control parts of glue quantity, which greatly improves the stability of product's sealant dispensing. The results show that the application effect of Miniature Ceramic dispensing valve in automation equipment will be better than manual operation of rubber drum, which is in line with the work of back cover gluing reinforcement or stainless steel bonding.
Micromotor gluing
Recommend the function of small ceramic dispensing valve
The tache of motor gluing is that the glue is evenly coated on the outer shell so that the end cover can enter the shell for fixing. The common manual control gluing is not uniform and the force is not good, which may cause the connection between the motor end cover and the motor shell is not close or directly damage the motor. The reason for recommending the ceramic dispensing valve is that the zirconia material can withstand the flow and quantitative control of high temperature glue and high viscosity glue. Fine structure is used for uniform bonding, guaranteeing the stability of dispensing. It can coat the glue evenly on the connecting end of the motor housing and the end cap and distribute the bonding surface well. Therefore, it can be used for motor gluing or stainless steel bonding, and subsequent repair needs to remove 502 glue to be used for repair adjustment.
Explanation and follow-up of motor gluing
Ceramic dispensing valve itself has good application effect and compatibility with viscose. It can control dispensing with 502 glue including high temperature glue or high viscosity glue, motor glue and stainless steel with high degree of completion. It has strong control degree of dispensing stability and good precision control. It can control glue quantitatively in the shell and end cap to bond, so that it has certain impact resistance or waterproof and moisture proof. The only disadvantage is that if the adhesive coated with 502 glue needs to be dismantled, special removal of 502 glue will be needed in order to dismantle and reorganize.
 白色粘接 502胶
White Adhesive 502
The guaranteeing of dispensing stability of motor and equipment is the key factor that can not be neglected in mass production. The need for repairing 502 glue will be explained to users in the follow-up information.
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