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Suggestions on Removal of 502 Glue

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502 adhesive is a kind of adhesive with many applications. Most of the time, it is used for bonding and reinforcing between two sides of users. For example, the work of sticking stainless steel, the method of removing 502 glue in the future is special. Special solution may be used to remove 502 glue. The defective products after motor gluing also need to be removed. This article will briefly describe the general method of removing 502 glue based on this situation.
502 adhesive
502 method after removing bond
Ceramic dispensing valve can be used to control 502 glue bonding. This small dispensing valve can be used. It has the characteristics of strong dispensing stability and more suitable glue. Ceramic dispensing valve can be used to control the glue point of 502 glue to be stable and not easy to disperse. It can improve the strength and quality of stainless steel. In order to remove 502 glue, special solvents are needed to remove 502 glue. The solvents such as water or turpentine can remove the solidified 502 glue.


Microceramic dispensing valve
Simpler removal methods
If there is a problem of poor dispensing, we should adjust the quality and accuracy of ceramic dispensing valve to improve the stability of dispensing and reduce the need to remove. If there are limitations, we can choose a simple way to remove it. For example, the hot and wet towel of 502 glue which needs to be disassembled when the motor is coating has a certain effect. Heating can soften 502 glue gradually and the hydro-aerosol has a strong effect on weakening glue. Degree can also be used to weaken the dot glue with some vinegar substances. It is not recommended to gradually scrape the solidified 502 glue with sharp substances such as scissors, which may affect the appearance and value of the adhesive. Based on this, 502 glue can be removed by this method in the links of stainless steel bonding and motor gluing and dismantling.
Small ceramic mixing dispensing valve
Reducing the frequency of 502 glue removal needs to improve the yield and stability of dispensing. Small ceramic dispensing valves have simple structure and many applications. Reasonable use can improve the stability of motor gluing or stainless steel bonding.
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