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Discussion on the technical principle of applying stainless

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In the use of precision dispenser, it will be applied to the role of different glue accessories, so it is necessary to understand the principle of their glue. For example, what is the technical principle of the stainless steel dot glue valve in the precision dispensing machine?
Back suction solenoid valve
In use, the use of the principle of different types of valves are different. For example: back to the suction dispensing valve use principle and use stainless steel dispensing valve principle is different, but their effects are only one, is the glue dispensing precision control, and the carrying and transportation of it. Then we will explain the stainless steel dispensing valve, and how its technical principle is.
Injection valve
This stainless steel dispensing valve dispensing accessories, is mainly made of stainless steel, the metal can improve dispensing glue dispensing accessories in the life, also makes it can store various types of glue dispensing, dispensing valve but also like stainless steel and other metal Aluminum Alloy involved in the production of the species. Because the glue valve is used in the form of electric power, the precision of the dispenser is also quite high. Its main structure is very simple. It consists of metal stators and rotors. The rotor rotates around the stator, so it has the function of transportation and control. The fixed structure also makes them strong sealing, and is beneficial to the replacement of adhesive parts. It also has a function that the rotary structure can also reverse the suction of glue, that is, the form of reverse rotation to achieve the function of vacuum suction.
Electric dispensing valve
It is precisely because of this glue principle that the stainless steel dot glue valve is used to make the precision glue dispenser with excellent precision.
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