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How many choices have been made about the application of sil

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The automation equipment is usually used to finish the batch sizing of silica gel ring paint. The selection of paint materials and sizing control methods is closely related to the application of fittings. General sizing valves have their own characteristics in sizing control methods. Whether they are suitable for sizing production lines such as sizing of silica gel ring paint or not depends on the small size. Therefore, the selection of sizing valves and sizing control are necessary. Special attention should be paid to these aspects.
Round Silicone Ring Dot Paint
Consider the conditions that apply to the dotting of silica gel rings
The inner groove of the silicone rubber ring needs to be fully filled with paint in order to achieve sealing effect. Because the structure of the material is small and the amount of glue required is small, and the execution efficiency is avoided, the accuracy and quality of the dispensing equipment and related accessories are required. The structure of the rotary dispensing valve is different from that of the ordinary rubber valve and the execution effect is also different. The rubber paint is strengthened by the rotary valve body. The rotary dispensing valve can be applied to the control filling of special compound in the silica gel ring dispensing paint. It is suitable for filling and coating in the dispensing production line with various needs of medium and high viscosity, such as silica gel ring dispensing paint or disc dispensing.
Special stainless steel rotary dispensing valve
Function of rotary dispensing valve
A rotary dispensing valve is recommended to control the flow quantitatively based on the requirement of high viscosity and precise control precision of rubber material. This dispensing valve can quantitatively control the flow with medium and high viscosity for dispensing. The bidirectional effect can be applied to the fluid diversification required for the dispensing of silica gel ring paint. It is also suitable for the dispensing of silica gel ring paint, besides the effective filling of the complete dispensing of silica gel ring paint. In the batch production of disc glue coating, the effect of high precision glue quantity control makes it put into the same type of dispensing production line, such as disc glue coating, to play an effective role in a special glue quantity control mode.
Double cylinder rotary dispensing valve
If the application of rotating dispensing valve is indispensable in the process of dispensing silicone rubber ring with high production demand, it is no doubt more suitable because of the effect of dispensing production line in the control of glue volume. It also has the same application effect on the circular semi-finished product dispensing glue of the type of silicone rubber ring, and it is also suitable for the precision requirements of disc gluing.
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