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Application and Equipment Technology of Disk Glue Coating

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In the production of disc gluing, the auxiliary application of automation equipment is needed to improve the quality. The use of automatic dispensing machine can accelerate the efficiency and quality of gluing screw and nut of disc. In order to ensure the uniform strength of gluing, special high-viscosity dispensing valves are needed to control. Only those dispensing valves that meet the high-viscosity control have more concentrated dispensing surface and can improve the bonding. The quality and strength of the rotary dispensing valve have a large margin, so the application of the rotary dispensing valve in the screw fixed coating of disc has a strong practical significance.
Glue Coating for Disc Fixed Screw
Reasons for the need for rotary dispensing valves
Disk gluing only needs to support the high viscosity dispensing valve to control the anti-loosening compound. The adhesive with high viscosity can strengthen the fixed strength of screw nuts. Most dispensing valves drip glue and control the relative standard of colloid flow rate. It only supports the ordinary low and medium viscosity glue for gluing reinforcement, while the screw nuts of the disk need high viscosity fluid to reinforce. Rotary dispensing valve can be used for silica gel reinforcement. High-viscosity glue with poor fluidity, such as tin paste, can be used to control this kind of fluid glue accurately without leakage. This kind of glue valve can be used for high-viscosity glue dispensing valve dropping and glue coating in a variety of applications. It can also be used to uniformly control the glue coating on semi-finished silica gel rings, the special fluid control applications such as silica gel ring dotting paint and disc glue coating when finishing the silica gel ring dotting paint. Type dispensing valve has good effect.
Rotary double-hole dispensing valve
Controlling the Application Effect of Glue Coating
The part of disc lock screw is coated with high viscous anti-loosening gum to increase the adhesion. Rotary dispensing valve can quantitatively control glue or other types of glue. This dispensing valve has relatively uniform and wide applicability. It has a good promotion effect on the reinforcement and coating of silicone ring and disc glue. It shows that this kind of high viscous dispensing valve has a good effect on special glue. The degree of control is high and important.
Double-hole disc glue-coating dispensing valve
If high viscosity dispensing valve is needed for large area disc gluing, special rotary dispensing valve is recommended for quantitative control. In addition to disc fixing and reinforcing glue, it can also be used for silicone ring paint with more production.
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