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Application of dispensing line to equipment tends to automat

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Both manual dispensing aided by controller and batch manufacturing controlled by automatic equipment can be collectively referred to as dispensing production line. From many aspects, the selection of production users tends to the application of automatic equipment. Because of the advantages of automatic equipment in the accuracy of glue quantity control mode, material saving and cost saving, it can meet the requirements of efficiency and quality. With the common requirements of dispensing production line indicators, the demand for silica gel ring dotting paint and disc coating in the production line is representative, so the rational selection of automatic dispensing equipment will be a great help.
221 position automatic dispensing machine
Popularization Trend of Automation Equipment
One of the main characteristics of automatic dispensing machine is the setting of path by manual control panel and the accuracy of glue quantity control mode. This device can be used in dispensing production line to ensure long-term use and maintain high consistency and low error. Rotary dispensing valve with special structure can be installed for quantitative control. Rotary dispensing valve with special structure can be used to control medium and high viscosity flow. The valve is mainly used in filling and covering coating of small products. For example, the control method of glue quantity with special fluid is uniform and stable when using silica gel ring to dot paint, and it can also be used in the links requiring fixed glue such as disc glue coating, adding rotary glue. The application coverage of dispensing valve automation equipment is comprehensive and complete.
Disk Fixed Coating
Application effect of putting into production
The impression of dispensing production line has always been that it needs a lot of manual dispensing production. In fact, it is quite different from what you know. At present, the automatic equipment-based intelligent glue volume control method has a higher advantage in determining the coating accuracy and flow control of glue. Taking the production line of silica gel ring dispensing as an example, users need to uninterruptedly inside the silica gel ring. The trough is coated with glue, and the rotary dispensing valve is used to assist in controlling the efficiency and the quality distribution of the coating fluid, so as to ensure the uniformity and stability of the dispensing of finished silicone rubber rings, and the quality of the disc coating is also tending to this high level. Therefore, the production line to complete dispensing and dispensing is tending to the application of automation equipment.
Fully automatic dispensing equipment manufacturer
The position where the disc needs to be glued is mainly to apply the fixed glue to the screw to reinforce the disc to prevent it from falling off. The rotary dispensing valve can also be put into use. The difference is that the disc has a larger particularity of the glued surface, so the customized processing of the work station is needed to meet the application requirements of this dispensing production line.
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