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Rotary dispensing valve has high accuracy of glue quantity c

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The application of dispensing valve is used to strengthen the control function and mode of glue. There are two main control modes for glue quantity. There are different control modes for high-viscosity dispensing valve or low-viscosity dispensing valve. The rotary dispensing valve introduced in this paper belongs to the control valve for high-viscosity glue. The quality and efficiency of glue quantity control are mainly reflected in the application. The following will be the following. Explain the applicability of disc coating and silica gel ring coating.
Rotary gelatinized dispensing valve
Recommendation on Selection of High Viscosity Glue
The main purpose of gluing larger discs is to reinforce the edge of the fixed screw with anti-loosening glue twice, so that the fixed strength of the disc can be further improved. The anti-loosening glue belongs to the high viscosity and poor fluidity glue. It is necessary to use special glue control mode to drive and replace the parts such as rubber valves, and the demand for high-viscosity dispensing valves increases accordingly. In addition to the automatic dispensing machine control, the screw gluing reinforcement of the disc should also use the dispensing valve with high viscosity glue. The applicability of the rotary dispensing valve to the disc gluing is relatively uniform. The way to control the glue flow out of the glue flow through the adjustment of air pressure is relatively simple and fast. The control of the glue flow of the special glue in the silica gel ring dispensing can also be carried out with the rotary dispensing valve.
High Viscosity Instantaneous Drying Adhesive
Difference and Influencing Way of Rubber Volume Control
As mentioned above, the fixing of disc glue coating needs to use larger pressure to extrude glue, and use suitable high viscosity glue dispensing valve to control such as rotary glue dispensing valve. Considering the fluidity of silica gel ring dotting paint, this kind of glue quantity control method with fluidity is recommended to use backdraft pneumatic dispensing machine to control glue dispensing, which has the function of backdraft to prevent flow. The leakage caused by sex glue is quite different from the application of high viscosity dispensing valve in disc coating.
Medium and high viscosity glue dispensing
According to the actual application of different glue control methods will also be different. Rotary dispensing valves are suitable for quantitative control of high viscosity colloids, while low viscosity fluid control methods need to choose different types of glue valves or equipment.
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