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Is there a suitable high viscosity dispensing valve?

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Glue can be divided into high-viscosity glue and low-viscosity glue according to the bonding quality. Most glue valves with low-viscosity are suitable. High-viscosity glue needs special high-viscosity glue dispensing valves to be used. Dropping valves and dispensing valves with high-viscosity glue need good application effect. Some users consult dispensing valves suitable for high-viscosity glue. The rotary dispensing valve is recommended for quantitative control of high viscosity glue.
Screw dispensing valve with high viscosity ratio
Reasons for recommending dispensing valves
There are fewer dispensing valves for quantitative control of high viscosity glue. Rotary dispensing valves belong to this kind of control valves for high viscosity glue. Rotary structure is mainly used to make high viscosity glue flow steadily to the bottom of the valve and flow out evenly. Most of the dispensing valves with certain viscosity glue are suitable for dispensing, dispensing, dispensing and gluing industries. This high viscosity dispensing valve has high accuracy and good applicability for flow control such as dripping and dispensing paint. It has good consistency in mass production of silica gel ring dispensing paint or disc gluing.
Rotary double-hole dispensing valve
The effect of industry application is good
Rotary dispensing valve belongs to a suitable high viscosity dispensing valve. It is suitable for liquid or paint control coating with poor fluidity of silica gel or tin paste. The frequency of dispensing is 400 times per minute to meet the requirements of batch silica gel ring dotting or disc gluing. From the application point of view, the high viscosity dispensing valve with viscous glue or fluid control is suitable for the application of silica gel ring dotting paint. The inner coating of silicone rubber rings is relatively uniform and full, and the batch production of silicone rubber rings can be carried out with high output and strong stability, and the application of disc coating is also the same. The selection of this dispensing valve makes the disc screw part more tightened, and can prevent loosening and falling off and other issues affect the overall quality of the disc. It can be used in the dispensing valve dropping, dispensing, coating, paint and other industries. Effect.
Silica Ring Filling Paint
Many small and medium-sized high viscosity dispensing valves recommend this type because of the applicability. Only when the application effect is stable and the quality is good in the industry, can it more meet the production targets of users and enhance the production line.
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