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How about the dropping effect of the rotary dispensing valve

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First of all, to understand what is gum dropping process, the gum dropping valve mainly carries out quantitative control. When the gum dropping point solidifies, it forms a transparent state called Gum dropping. For example, the remote control gum dropping of keys is implemented by this technology. The control effect of gum dropping quality by using high viscosity gum dropping valve is stable, so that the quality of gum dropping paint or disc coating can be controlled. The special structure of rotary dispensing valve can be used in the production of dripping glue or coating glue and other industries. It is also a dispensing valve which can control high viscosity glue.
Automatic dispensing valve dropping glue
Can rotary dispensing valve be used for gum dropping?
At the beginning, the suitable types of rubber valves for the application and production of dripping glue are introduced. Because the dripping point needs to be controlled by a fluid with high viscosity to solidify on the coating surface, the dripping glue of the dispensing valve is controlled by a suitable high viscosity dispensing valve as far as possible. The rotary dispensing valve is a special rotating structure for processing glue, and can be used for a long time with high viscosity glue. The quality of product dropping glue is relatively more suitable for production and use in many industries. In addition, the application of rotary dispensing valves is also common in the mass production of silica gel ring coating and disc coating. Therefore, the application effect of this kind of valve is better when selecting the dispensing valve dropping glue suitable for high viscosity glue.
Fully automatic rotary dispensing valve
On the Characteristics of Rotating Type
Rotary dispensing valve is different from other rubber valves in function and application. Its structure is more special than ordinary high-viscosity dispensing valve. Rotary structure mainly provides the auxiliary flow of high-viscosity glue. Double-pore device is used to increase the pressure of high-viscosity glue driving for dropping glue demand. The paint used for silicone rubber ring dispensing is more special and can be applied to finish. The anti-coating of disc coating is also suitable. Pine gum is relatively uniform and firm, so batch manufacturing in these two industries can also be carried out with this rubber valve. Good dropping effect of suitable dispensing valve will promote the application effect and level of industry production.
Fully automatic rotary dispensing valve
Choosing suitable dispensing valve dropping gum has relatively stable quality and good application effect, which can complete the stable dropping gum of the product, and the solidification quality of the adhesive point is relatively stable and uniform, and the effect is more beautiful.
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