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Recommended Selection of Instantaneous Dry Adhesive for Opti

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Some fibre bundles are fixed by coating machine or by automatic dispensing machine. The links of fibre-optic coating can be point-dried glue used for reinforcing the application of sealing links. According to the characteristics, the curing of instant-dried glue is mainly due to ultraviolet irradiation. The links of coating and storage point coating need to be stored by special syringes. This kind of storage application syringe is black dispensing syringe, which can last for a long time. The same properties can also be used in the case of transparent mobile phones.
Fixed Fiber Beam Spotting
Requirements for coating applications
Optical fibers used for communication need to be properly adhered to the surface by instantaneous drying glue, which will gradually solidify under external ultraviolet irradiation. At this time, the storage of instantaneous drying glue and its application in optical fiber coating have certain effect. The storage of instantaneous drying glue by ordinary transparent glue drum may solidify and affect it. Therefore, the role of black spot glue syringe in the reinforcement of optical fiber bundles can not be ignored. Black PE material is mainly used for weak fibers. To reduce or weaken the catalytic effect of ultraviolet light so as to slow down the curing speed of the instant-drying glue stored in it without solidification blocking. When the instant-drying glue is coated on the optical fibers, it is cured by ultraviolet lamp irradiation to ensure that the yield of the fiber reinforcement coating reaches the standard. The black dispensing syringe can be connected with the automatic dispensing machine or assisted by manual dispensing machine. It is mainly suitable for the instant-drying glue coating on the optical fibers or for the Transparent materials such as shell glue can improve the quality and enhance the application value of instant dry glue for product points.
Black instant-drying UV adhesive
Reasons for Selecting Instantaneous Dry Adhesive for Coating Optical Fiber
The overall reinforcement of communication fiber bundles is achieved by point instantaneous dry glue. The reinforcement effect of ordinary fluid on optical fiber coating is not very good. The main reason is that the integrity of reinforcement is affected. Some parts of optical fiber reinforcement can not be completely solidified, which affects the quality. Through point instantaneous dry glue, the solidification effect of optical fiber bundles is moderate, and transparent optical fibers support ultraviolet light through irradiation to accelerate, and black fibers. Colour dispensing syringe can store and prevent the curing of instant dry glue, which affects the effect of smooth dispensing. Mobile phone shell coating is applied because part of transparency makes ultraviolet light irradiation hardening.
Black adhesive dispensing syringe
Automatic dispensing machine with black dispensing syringe can sustainably reinforce the optical fiber coating. The application of intelligent automatic dispensing machine in special mobile phone shell coating also needs.
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