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Control of Instant Drying Adhesive Used in Mobile Phone Shel

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Smart phones have special tools to protect the outer shell. Automatic dispensing equipment for mobile phone shell is used to quantitatively control the glue coating. Instant drying glue is a special solidifying adhesive fluid. It is necessary to further accelerate the solidification speed of instant drying glue by ultraviolet irradiation. It is necessary for automatic dispensing equipment to add ultraviolet curing lamp tube and black dispensing syringe to control the instant drying glue coating. Fiber coating is similar to mobile phone shell pattern processing and gluing, and special light-proof syringes are used to control the instantaneous drying glue.
Mobile phone case pattern coating
Configuration of Control of Instantaneous Drying Adhesive Coating Requirements
Setting the path and parameters of mobile phone shell gluing with automatic dispensing machine can start to complete. Black dispensing syringe is also called light-proof syringe. It can be installed on automatic equipment or semi-automatic equipment to control instant drying glue to coat the surface of mobile phone shell. According to the set path and pressure, instant drying glue is coated on the surface with high precision control. Ultraviolet solidification is added to customized version dispensing machine. Chemical lamp tube is used for irradiation to accelerate the curing speed of glue coating. Complete and beautiful mobile phone shell products are closely related to special accessories such as dispensing syringe, dispensing valve and even ultraviolet lamp tube.
Black amber dispensing syringe
Avoiding the influence of the use of instant drying glue
Controlling UV instant-drying glue to mobile phone shell may have some influence. In order to ensure the stability of the whole process of gluing, it is necessary to ensure the perfect configuration. Black dispensing syringe is a special syringe specially used for storing instant-drying glue. It can weaken normal ultraviolet radiation and block and solidify. It is one of the application accessories suitable for mobile phone shell or optical fiber coating glue. Keep the liquid state for mobile phone shell gluing without affecting its applicability. Check whether the UV curing lamp tube has problems and normal irradiation quality. Instant dry glue will flow out of the black dispensing syringe tube to promote the curing speed by ultraviolet irradiation to solidify. The black light-shielding syringe and the UV curing lamp tube jointly assist in completing the mobile phone shell gluing to make the finished product relatively uniform and full coating quality moderate. 。
331UV adhesive dispenser
The main reason for the application of mobile phone shell glue is light transmission. Only light transmission materials can be glued with instant drying glue. Similar to the application of optical fiber coating and reinforcement, the optical fibers used for communication are also light transmission materials and can be glued with instant drying glue for reinforcement.
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