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Knowledge of Instant Dry Rubber Curing and Its Effect on Dis

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Instant dry glue, also known as ultraviolet UV glue, is a kind of solidified fluid glue used for bonding and sealing of transparent materials. It is the main application promotion method to speed up the solidification rate of instant dry glue by special ways after coating. Because this glue will begin to solidify gradually by ultraviolet light in the light, the stored dispensing syringe needs special black dispensing syringe, while the instant dry glue is used for dispensing syringe. There are also some problems in the solidification state such as bonding or sealing. The application of mobile phone shell coating or optical fiber coating is representative.
Black UV glue
Direct influence on dispensing syringe
Instant dry adhesive is mainly used in industries requiring coating or gluing, such as optical fibers or mobile phone shells. After curing, it has a high strength and is suitable for bonding of porous materials. Similarly, because of this characteristic, the content stored in ordinary syringes is easy to cause curing and clogging of instant dry adhesive. Common syringe consumables are not suitable for using this kind of glue for coating. Coating, only the targeted black dispensing syringe can be stored and coated with instant drying glue. Part of the ultraviolet light in the light will be affected by the weak light color of the black exterior, and the instant drying glue stored in it will not be affected by curing and blocking in the interior, so it is suitable for the application production of optical fiber coating or mobile phone shell coating.
Method of Promoting Curing Rate of Instant Dry Adhesive
As the instant drying adhesive is a special UV curing adhesive, it needs to be stored in the black dispensing syringe for normal use. If the special optical fiber coating links need to use accelerators to further enhance the curing rate, or the relative humidity can also improve the curing effect. It should be noted that the temperature rise can not promote the curing rate of instant drying adhesive.
Solvent acetone solution
Applicable effect of product coating
Control dispensing machine or manual way can point instantaneous drying glue to product surface curing, need dispensing needle barrel suitable for instantaneous drying glue can be used for coating glue, optical fiber and mobile phone shell are transparent materials that can penetrate ultraviolet light, optical fiber coating is mainly point instantaneous drying glue is used for fixed bonding effect, while mobile phone shell coating is used for pattern filling or reinforcement of mobile phone shell, both of them need. Instant drying adhesive has good curing strength and quality. The application of dispensing syringe with black appearance is indispensable. From the black dispensing syringe to the bonding coating surface, the strength is enhanced and cured by the influence of ultraviolet light. The more uniform the coating of optical fiber bundle, the stronger the stability after curing, the more filling patterns and some bonding are applied on the mobile phone shell. It is necessary to ensure that there is no dust or foreign body on the surface of mobile phone shell to avoid affecting the curing quality and strength.
331 instant drying dispenser
At present, the effect of accelerating the curing of instant dry adhesives is mainly reflected in the control of catalyst or execution mode, so as to better complete the application of coating or dispensing curing.
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