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Necessity of selecting black dispensing syringe for semi-fin

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Instantaneous dry glue is the main way to fix the transparent material. The reason why the special glue is chosen in batch production such as fiber coating and reinforcement or mobile phone shell coating is that the instantaneous dry glue is stored in the black dispensing syringe when the transparent semi-finished product is coated. After being driven by air pressure, the instantaneous dry glue begins to flow out onto the surface of the glue. When put into practical application, it needs to be assisted by ultraviolet curing lamp tube. Help to use to improve the quality of instant dry adhesive coating point gum.
Ultraviolet Instantaneous Drying Adhesive Dot Coating
Simple Understanding of the Characteristics of Instantaneous Drying Adhesive
Instant dry adhesive is a kind of one-component, low-viscosity and transparent solidifying adhesive before solidification. The surface of the adhesive is relatively uniform and full, and the reaction speed is fast. When the instant dry adhesive is used, it avoids the use of moisture or humidity. It is more convenient to adjust the colloid solidification with ultraviolet curing lamp tube for fast and stable solidification. It is suitable for the application of fixed fibre coating or mobile phone shell coating industries. Needle barrel is a special container for storing this special fluid. It is designed to avoid curing gradually when it is stored under ultraviolet light. It is suitable for adhesive coating or gluing of small area.
Black dispensing syringe for glue storage
Preparations before use
Because the instantaneous dry glue coating or dispensing should first clean the bonding surface to solve the foreign matter such as dust and oil pollution on the surface, the surface cleaning treatment can also be done. The volume of dispensing should be kept at about 0.2MM. The instantaneous dry glue stored in the black dispensing syringe can be quantitatively controlled to flow out for coating. The mobile phone shell coating and optical fiber coating also need surface treatment to point the instantaneous dry glue to the surface through control. Ultraviolet curing lamp irradiation area can promote the quality and efficiency of curing. After finishing the work of point instantaneous dry glue, the remaining glue will be placed in the shade to avoid the influence of direct light.
Fixed Coating of Optical Fiber Beam
The main body of instantaneous dry glue for product points is concentrated on the bonding and fixing of steel, copper, aluminium, rubber, hard plastics, ceramics, glass and other industries. It can even be used for the bonding of two light transmitters, such as mobile phone shell reinforcement and gluing.
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