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What is the difference between silica gel and silicone greas

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The difference between silica gel and silicone grease has always been a heated discussion. Most users think that the same thing is different. In fact, this is a misunderstanding in understanding. Silica grease is muddy and silica gel is usually long strip or block. This is the difference in appearance between the two. Therefore, there are different thickness differences between them. General users will choose silica gel coated auxiliary radiator for heat dissipation. Therefore, the application of CPU coated silica gel and silicone coated graphics card is based on the application of thermal conductive silica gel, while both silicone pressure barrels can be used for storage and continuous feeding. The strong compatibility of this pressure barrel is its advantage.
Fluid silicone grease
Analysis of the Reasons for the Application of Silica Gel in CPU and Graphic Card to Assist Heat Dissipation
The difference between silica gel and silicone grease is more intuitive in terms of properties and applications. The cost of silica grease is relatively lower than that of silica gel. Silica gel is mainly used for heat dissipation of electronic parts while silica grease is suitable for heat dissipation of high-heating parts. At present, CPU and graphics cards and other high-heating materials use silica gel for heat conduction rather than silica grease commonly used for high-heating parts. The main reason is that silica gel materials are soft and have outstanding compressive properties. The two sides of the thermal conductive silica gel are sticky and suitable for operation and coating, and the pressure barrel of the silica gel is suitable for the control of the high-viscosity fluid thermal conductive silica gel, so that the fluid silica gel can be completely coated to the position where the CPU and graphics card need heat dissipation. Silica gel or CPU coated silica gel is generally chosen for applications such as silicone gel card or CPU coated silica gel.
Thermal conductive silica gel coating
Introduction of Compatible Pressure Barrel
The silicone pressure barrel is suitable for the storage of fluid silica gel and silicone grease. No matter how different silica gel and silicone grease are, it also supports the storage application. It has the advantages of wide applicability and strong compatibility. It is easy to control the flow of high-viscosity silica gel by the way of bottom gel discharge and control the pressure to control the volume of gel. However, the selection of large size silicone pressure barrel can meet the high demand of CPU coated with silicone or silicone coated graphics card industry control quality.
Graphic card coated with thermal conductive silica gel
The difference between silica gel and silicone grease is mainly reflected in the use. The role of thermal conductive silica gel is to assist heat sinks to conduct heat, while the silica grease belongs to paste is more suitable for assistant conduction in other industries.
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