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Flow control of thermal conductive silica gel needs to be ma

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Thermal conductive silica gel is a kind of thermal conductive compound. It is mainly used for conducting heat in circuit layout such as CPU or graphics card. It is not conductive and can avoid the influence caused by short circuit. Selecting thermal conductive silica gel can reduce the contact thermal resistance between heat source surface and radiator and improve the heat dissipation. CPU coated silica gel and silicone coated graphics card are also based on this choice. According to the application situation, the special silica gel pressure barrel and dispensing valve should be used together to control the flow rate of the coating to achieve the heat dissipation of the required dispensing glue.
Thermal conductive silica gel coating
Use of special pressure drum and dispensing valve
Both CPU and graphics card need heat sink for heat dissipation. There is a distance between them. The thermal conductivity of the two can be strengthened by coating silica gel. Therefore, silica gel can promote heat dissipation. This kind of silica gel belongs to high viscosity fluid, which needs special pressure barrel and dispensing valve to control. Large flow dispensing valve is recommended for dispensing valve control, while pressure barrel is recommended for pressure barrel control. The use of silica gel pressure barrel for storage can store different types of fluids, including coated silica gel or thermal conductive silica gel. Because thermal conductive silica gel belongs to the poor fluidity of high viscosity fluids, the combination of large flow dispensing valves and silica gel pressure barrels can better control the application of silica gel between radiator and material. The application links such as CPU coated silica gel and silica gel coated graphics card need a larger flow rate of supply coating. The application of this dispensing valve and pressure barrel will enhance the quality of thermal conductive silica gel coating, and the choice of manual or automated equipment operation mode is also applicable.
Carbon steel silicone pressure barrel
Instructions for application of thermal conductive glue
Large flow dispensing valves are mainly suitable for high viscosity glue such as silica gel. The thermal conductive silica gel used for CPU and graphics card coating has the advantages of strong pertinence and high execution accuracy. It has high application effect. The silica gel pressure barrel is fast and convenient for loading and unloading glue, and supports the storage of high viscosity fluids such as coated silica gel and thermal conductive silica gel, which saves operation time and strengthens the silica gel material. The utilization rate and quality of the material, the quick breaking of the gel without wire drawing effect, and the good rate and safety performance of the application in CPU coating or controlling the silicone gel coating graphics card are high.
Graphic card coated with thermal conductive silica gel
Choosing suitable pressure barrel and dispensing valve has high accuracy and function for flow control of thermal conductive silica gel, and it also has obvious improvement effect for manual point silica gel or automatic equipment point silica gel.
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