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Butter-coated trumpet recommended the use of targeted dispen

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Round or elliptical horn shape requires a layer of yellow glue on the top of the vibration film to achieve good adhesion. Therefore, the neutral system suggests that in the process of yellow glue coating on the horn, an application-oriented dispensing valve can be selected to control the flow rate of the yellow glue coating. It is recommended that the yellow glue dispensing valve be used to control the viscosity of the bonded yellow glue and the uniformity of the coating, etc., with large flow rate. The dispensing valve is similar to the controllable medium and high viscosity yellow glue for dispensing. It also has good application effect on horn or glasses box.
Radio Horn Vibrating Film Coating
Recommend a suitable glue drop valve
There is a vibrating film inside the horn that needs to be coated with proper amount of glue for sealing or fixing. The bonding performance and strength of yellow glue meet the requirements of this application. Most speaker manufacturers will coat part of yellow glue here to achieve the effect of finished products. Therefore, a glue drop valve (another name for the dispensing valve) will be selected to store the glue amount for dispensing and batch to select the demand of yellow glue for the horn. The yellow glue dispensing valve is recommended. The material made of pure aluminium alloy can be used for storage of various kinds of medium and high viscosity yellow glue to avoid the influence of internal curing when it flows. Selecting the yellow glue dispensing valve supplied with large flow rate can realize the gluing operation of connecting points and fixing points at the inner end of the product. The gluing effect with high precision has obvious effect on the improvement of the quality rate of yellow glue coating on loudspeakers, and the high yield and precision degree can be guaranteed. The characteristics of the barrier are also applicable to the production of high viscosity yellow glue in batches for the reinforcement of glasses box.
High Viscosity Yellow Gum Coating
Applied production that can meet the demand of precision and output
Most loudspeaker production lines have a large demand for complete consistency and other indicators, mainly small radio horns need to be coated with some yellow glue to strengthen the bonding film, such production lines need to maintain a stable and highly consistent glue coating effect, generally speaking, automatic dispensing equipment with glue dropping valves to assist the horn to achieve the effect of yellow glue standards, because of the viscosity of yellow glue. High strength requires special control type of yellow glue dispensing valve in order to precisely control transportation. Automation equipment controls the yellow glue dispensing valve to move to the position of horn yellow glue to align glue for bonding, which has the advantages of high efficiency and high accuracy.
Yellow glue dispensing valve
In summary, the glue drop valve recommended for the application of yellow glue on loudspeakers is the yellow glue drop valve, which has strong compatibility and wide application range. It can be used in the application of yellow glue and horn glue on spectacle boxes in batches of high viscosity yellow glue applications.
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