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Application demonstration of special glue valve in yellow gl

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The structure of glasses box is simple, low cost and has a wide market demand. Therefore, there is a need for automatic and high efficiency in the production of glasses box coated with yellow glue. Electronic yellow glue or flame retardant electronic yellow glue belong to one kind of yellow glue. It needs special rubber valves for storage and application. This kind of glue is used in batch production line, including The inner end of the glasses box and the horn coated with yellow glue have application requirements, so the yellow glue dispensing valve installed on the automatic dispensing equipment can be applied to the production of glasses box and other applications requiring batch yellow glue coating.
Glue-coated glasses box
Strengthening the stability of coating with special rubber valves
The glasses box needs to be coated with some yellow glue by automation equipment to have good stability. The main reason is that the plastic edges in the box need to be bonded with the box body to reinforce. Therefore, both electronic yellow glue and flame retardant electronic yellow glue can play a reinforcing role. Yellow glue dispensing valves belong to large flow dispensing valves and can be used for storage of many kinds. The type of fluid glue is used for bonding and reinforcement, and precisely controls the use of yellow glue in plastic edge coating and box body bonding of the built-in glasses box by various modes, such as fixed point bonding, etc. The production effect of continuous batch yellow glue on glasses box or horn yellow glue is stable, and the good product rate and benefit become the index of industry selection.
Adhesive yellow glue
Different types of yellow gum are also applicable
Most yellow gum belongs to one-component vinyl chloroprene rubber as the main component, heat-resistant and climate-resistant water-based binder. Its characteristics are that the surface is not easy to conjugate. Shorter pressurization time and longer storage time are its characteristics, and the need to coat electronic yellow gum and flame-retardant electronic yellow gum has high dry strength and good environmental protection performance. This kind of glue can be used in the application of yellow glue on glasses box, so the compatibility effect is good. It takes a long time to install the yellow glue dispensing valve in automation equipment. The application of this dispensing valve matches the glue production line of glasses box relatively, and achieves high quality, high precision and high production efficiency in batch production.
Precision yellow glue dispensing valve
The application of yellow glue on eyeglasses boxes needs to be matched with specific yellow glue dispensing valves. The industry application of yellow glue on loudspeakers is as consumable as that of eyeglasses boxes. Therefore, the application of this special glue valve in strengthening the shock ring of loudspeakers also has a good application effect.
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