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Is the structure of the precision dispensing valve complex

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What do you want to know about the structure of the precision dispensing valve in the glue dispenser? It is necessary to know some of the knowledge of the precision glue dispenser so that we can know what it is like.
Precision plunger type dispensing valve
The traditional precision glue dispenser, that is, the automatic glue dispenser, is mainly composed of three parts, the main control system, the transmission system and the execution system. The main control system is the core of the dispensing machine, it can all the dispensing process of the dispensing machine for precision control, the transmission system is the main driving device for transport of dispensing machine inside a dispensing glue, most of the power device, the execution system is the subsequent use and dispensing dispensing system. The glue valve is one of the most important accessories in the transmission system.
Precision automatic dispensing valve
This kind of glue valve is driven by electric power because of the driving mode of the precision dispenser, so it is also the use of electric power to drive the glue valve. This electric valve is simpler than its ordinary air pressure drive. It only needs stator and rotor structure of stator and rotor, and can complete the directional flow of glue. Although it is so simple, it has a better seal and also has a high closeness. The structure is made of stainless steel, while stainless steel is a recyclable metal. Therefore, it has a green and environment-friendly property. Of course, this metal is used for dispensing, and it also improves the service life of dispensers and reduces the replacement frequency of accessories. Of course, this kind of glue valve also has the ability to reverse rotation, to achieve the back - back function.
Precision high speed glue valve
From the above, the structure of the return suction precision dispensing valve is more simple than the dispensing valve, which is usually equipped with multiple systems.
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