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Is the glue drop valve the glue drop valve?

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In fact, the glue drop valve belongs to the name of some professionals. It is still used to control the glue flow in essence. Its function is to control the glue flow and to assist the production of drips in various industries. Take the popular yellow glue drop valve in the industry as an example, which conveys the special high viscosity glue for bonding to the position where the glue needs to be coated by means of pressure extrusion. Common industries such as trumpet yellow glue or glasses box yellow glue are implemented through this dispensing drop valve, which is much better than the single plastic syringe in glue quality control, and has become an auxiliary accessory for the industry to control the dispensing of glue.
3131 backdraft dispensing valve
Principle of Use of Drop Valve
In order to help users understand more deeply the relationship between the rubber valve and the drop valve, hereinafter the rubber valve is called the glue drop valve.
The yellow glue dispensing valve introduced above belongs to one of the glue dispensing valves. By adjusting the air pressure generated by the air source, it drives the yellow glue to move forward. It flows out through the syringe mouth and applies the glue from the needle at the bottom end of the dispensing valve to the application of glue bonding and strengthening on the product surface. This is the use principle of the whole yellow glue dispensing valve, in order to be applicable to high viscosity. A variety of special glue, such as yellow glue, need to replace the rubber outlet needle at the bottom of the drop valve with a small size to avoid affecting the accuracy of the glue outlet. This is in order to minimize the error value of the glue dropping, otherwise it is not conducive to the application and production of yellow glue on loudspeakers or glasses boxes.
Large double cylinder double liquid dispensing valve
Introduction of Various Types of Drop Valve and Its Relation with Glue
According to different types of glue, different types of glue drop valves are used, such as special control of the amount of glue produced by yellow glue drop valves (yellow glue dispensing valves), two-component fluid glue drop valves (AB glue valves), storage and transparent glue control drop valves (UV glue dispensing valves), etc. Most of the glue drop valves belong to the fluid control applicable to medium and low viscosity without special properties. In order to control the special compound such as high viscosity yellow glue, we need to select other types of specific rubber valves. The glue drop valve with backdraft function (backdraft dispensing valve) also has a good application market, such as compatible use of yellow glue and even can be used to complete the batch application production lines such as horn yellow glue and glasses box yellow glue.
High Viscosity Yellow Gum
The theory of glue drop valve is incomplete or incomplete, because the tools that can be used to control glue or fluid for drop are generally called dispensing valves. If purchasing options are needed, the relevant requirements of dispensing valves should be specified.
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