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It is suggested that the stable use of flow valve should be

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At present, many electronic parts need to be coated with electronic yellow glue as an appropriate adhesive for sealing or strengthening applications. A flow control glue valve can be used to coat a variety of special glues such as electronic yellow glue or flame retardant electronic yellow glue. It can be applied in many industries, including horn yellow glue, glasses box yellow glue and other common applications, so the flow rate is high. The role of the control valve is highlighted, so the stable use of the yellow glue dispensing valve has a strong auxiliary control effect on the quality of the coating.
High Viscosity Yellow Adhesion
The Important Role of Flow Control Valve
The nature of yellow glue determines that it mainly plays a role in positioning and fixing components. The purpose of loudspeaker production is to fix the internal vibration film by gluing. It can also be used in both electronic yellow glue and deep flame retardant electronic yellow glue. The yellow glue dispensing valve is selected as the flow control valve to control the colloid accuracy, and the top fine-tuning knob is used. In order to control the amount of glue coating and avoid the influence of excessive flow, the shell has good corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for long-term control of glue reinforcement. The square cylinder of the dispensing valve is used to strengthen and bond the type of electronic coating glue, such as yellow glue for trumpet or yellow glue for spectacle box. It can be used in batch manufacturing with large demand, such as yellow glue for trumpet or glasses box.
Large flow dispensing valve coated with yellow glue
Preparations for gluing
Whether it is in the application of electronic yellow glue or flame retardant electronic yellow glue, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the premise, that is, the sticky surface should be cleaned, degreased, rusted, coarsened and so on. After cleaning with appropriate cleaning materials, the bonding effect will be strengthened. It is recommended that the surface treatment of materials before coating should be avoided for a long time without affecting the effect of coating. If the strength is high, the bonding effect will be enhanced. It is necessary to strengthen the properties of colloids by proper chemical treatment and adjust the flow control size of special yellow glue dispensing valve so as to completely align the adhesive position with proper amount of colloids, including in batch production lines such as horn yellow glue or glasses box yellow glue.
Flame retardant electronic yellow glue
Learning the relevant knowledge of electronic yellow glue coating is conducive to the completion of the same type of production work. Different adhesives have different drying speed after gluing. Therefore, different materials should consider the problem of gluing successively, such as trumpet or glasses box, only gluing first and then gluing.
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