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Precision dispensing needs to be applied to the return sucti

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The precision glue dispenser must be used in the precision dispensing work. Therefore, the high precision return suction type glue valve should also be used in the dispensing operation. However, there are many kinds of back suction dispensing valves, how can we choose the appropriate dispensing valve? How do you look at the application of the back suction precision dot glue valve?
Return suction precision dispensing valve
The driving power of the return suction precision spot glue valve can be divided into three kinds of power, pneumatic and mechanical drive. The electric and mechanical valve dispensing valve dispensing valve is the most commonly used precision dispensing machine, pneumatic valve because it cannot achieve high precision dispensing work, therefore it cannot be used in high precision dispensing, so only in the mechanical valve and electric valve to select suitable dispensing valve.
Precision automatic dispensing valve
A power drive valve is simply a kind of electric energy used as a power to use a spot glue valve. The dispensing valve is used in the form of electric drive, so it can precisely control glue and greatly improve the dispensing precision of dispensing machine. Its internal structure is very simple to make up the stator and rotor, and the rotor revolves around the stator in order to complete the switch of the dispensing valve. It can also achieve reverse rotation to achieve vacuum suction.
Precision high speed glue valve
The screw type mechanical valve is a kind of valve which uses the screw linkage system to carry out the glue. The screw linkage structure used in this type of valve is to use the rotating motion of the screw to drive the movement of the other glue parts. The precision of this kind of mechanical drive is not only stronger than the electric power drive, but also has the same vacuum suction function as the electric power drive. But the price of this kind of glue valve is higher.
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