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Effect of Pressure Barrel and Rubber Valve Selection on Adhe

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Wood-based panels are wood-processed panels or moulded products. The gluing of wood-based panels mainly relies on the adhesive force of colloids to strengthen the fixation of wood-based panels. Therefore, the selection of pressure barrels and rubber valves is very important. Because gluing is generally coated with more general glue, the rubber valves with the function of backdraft can meet the requirements, and a stainless steel can be recommended for the small package of coated rubber storage vessels. The glue filling pressure barrel made of barrel body is used for continuous feeding in glue links.
Wood-based panel coating adhesive
Device Selection for Adhesive Coating Efficiency and Quality
From the area of colloidal coating required for man-made panels, the assembly of glue-filling pressure barrel is indispensable. The installation of glue-filling pressure barrel can enhance the stability of materials, and the raw materials of anodized stainless steel barrel body are strong and durable. The design of placing seal ring on the flange of barrel body and locking with ring screw achieves good sealing and tightening effect. The complimentary glue heating pack adjusts the built-in glue storage to stable flow state, which is suitable for precise bonding. The use of this kind of glue storage device plays a relatively prominent and complete role in improving the glue coating efficiency of wood-based panels. Therefore, the application of this kind of glue storage device in the glue coating links of reversing mirror similar to that of this kind can be applied as an auxiliary application.
Fluid Adhesive Coated on Wood-based Panels
The links of uniform gluing on the surface of wood-based panels are introduced.
The two sides of wood-based panel glue coating need to be uniformly coated with glue, which is used in the past for the slow mode of glue coating in the outlet hole of the drum and can not guarantee the military medical effect of glue coating. In the low temperature environment, it is easy to solidify and difficult to flow out, resulting in a high rate of undesirable products. Therefore, the index requirements of wood-based panel glue coating production line can be fulfilled with the backdraft dispensing valve and the glue-filling pressure barrel. Stainless steel barrel A kind of medium-high viscosity or partially corrosive fluid coating is used to store glue. The glue is driven to the inner end of the dispensing valve by pneumatic conveying. The glue is coated to both sides of the wood-based panel through the bottom end, which is relatively uniform and stable. The application effect of this model in reverse mirror coating is also in line with the application effect of the production line with higher demand.
Stainless steel pouring pressure barrel
The quality of assistant operation of filling pressure barrel is the same as its function value. Considering the current stage, it is suggested that the combination of the two can be applied in the industry.
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