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Selection of pressure barrel for glue filling to achieve the

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Reversing mirror is one of the important safety parts of vehicle body. Observing the rear road condition during reversing and the driver observing the vehicle body condition during driving. The main purpose of gluing reversing mirror is to firmly fix the lens on the plastics base. The production scale of reversing mirror production line needs continuous gluing feeding. A gluing pressure bucket is selected to apply to it. The special glue heating package adjusts the mixing temperature of the compound, and the stainless steel barrel body and the non-stainless barrel cover can maintain the long-term use of the glue for feeding. The batch execution efficiency of the reverse mirror glue and the artificial board glue is improved.
Uniform Coating Adhesive for Reversing Mirror
The Important Role of Feeding Pressure Barrel
The lens and base of the reversing mirror can be adhered with appropriate adhesive to meet the bonding effect of large reinforcement. The advantages of pneumatic conveying rubber by the filling pressure barrel are simple, fast and convenient. After setting the pressure parameters, the pneumatic extrusion adhesive can be conveyed for coating. The compound used together with the dispensing valve can be controlled more precisely. The reversing mirror needs a wide coverage area where the glue is applied. The corrosive rubber can also be stored in this container. The stainless steel pressure barrel body and the stainless steel barrel cover have strong stability in long-term application. The pressure barrel can supply glue continuously. The problem of lacking or intermittent feeding of glue dispensing equipment with glue dispensing barrel is solved.
Stainless steel pouring pressure barrel
Adjust the temperature of the compound with glue heating package to fit for bonding and reinforcing coating. The reinforcing effect of backing mirror coating can improve the yield and production efficiency at different levels. Similarly, the auxiliary application of this device is also needed in the high demand wood-based panel coating.
Rubber-coated Pressure Barrel Heating Package
Effect of glue heating package
The glue heating package attached to the pouring pressure barrel body can adjust the temperature and applicability of glue. If the glue viscosity of the backing mirror is too high, the fluidity can be improved by heating the package. It can be used to bond the backing mirror and the base cover to be relatively uniform, stable and strong. The stainless steel pressure barrel body and the stainless steel barrel cover can store high temperature adhesive or corrosive fluid of the tape, which is suitable for adjustment. Various types of backing mirror glue can also meet the production requirements in batch demand links such as wood-based panel glue coating.
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