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Is there a device for storing glue in various coatings?

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Because of the different nature of paint fluid, there are many kinds of storage containers. The main tools suitable for coating glue storage in dispensing industry are needle barrel or dispensing valve. Of course, the glue-filling pressure barrel is also a kind of glue storage tool. Because of its strong and good industrial applicability, I prefer to recommend the glue-filling pressure barrel as the glue storage device, and the stainless steel barrel body can store a variety of medium and high viscosities. The pressure barrel can be used in the production line of wood-based panel gluing and reverse mirror gluing which need batch manufacture to provide stable glue.
Various kinds of stainless steel pouring pressure barrels
Pressure Barrel Property Introduction and Rubber Storage Effect
Stainless steel pouring pressure barrel has a large capacity and durability. It is named because the stainless steel barrel body can withstand many kinds of glue storage with medium and high corrosion viscosity. The mainstream pressure barrel specifications are 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L and even higher specifications of customized pressure barrels. According to the specifications, the price customized by the manufacturer is also different. Because the pouring pressure barrel has a higher storage capacity and compatibility. Paint dispensing valves and automatic dispensing machines are more stable and efficient than manual operation in continuous production. Common rubber drums are not suitable for higher demand. For example, wood-based panel or reverse mirror coating should have a stable supply of paint storage. The pressure drum is recommended to be suitable.
Introduction to the Function of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Stable glue supply for batch production in line with industry
Considering from the comprehensive aspect, the pressure barrel which supports the glue storage of various coatings can improve the stability greatly. Although the purchasing cost of this pressure barrel is higher, it reflects its practicability. The pressure barrel made of stainless steel can be used for many kinds of glue storage of coatings. For the batch production line which meets the needs of wood-based panel glue coating or backing mirror glue coating, the auxiliary effect is strong. In this process, a good and stable supply of coatings and adhesives should be guaranteed. Therefore, the pouring pressure barrel of stainless steel barrel body can meet the needs of this high-demand application production line. In order to stabilize the supply of coatings, it covers the end of wood-based panels. The area of coatings is uniform and the solid phase is visible to all-round. The application effect of the industry is far better than that of ordinary applications. Industry.
Glue pouring pressure drum assembly
It is suitable for continuous feeding of pressure drums for various paint storage devices.
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