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Rubber Pressure Barrel of Stainless Steel Barrel Body is Str

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It is self-evident that the pressure barrel suitable for glue storage plays an important role in coating application with large demand. The pressure barrel driven by air pressure has strong durability and practicability, which is related to the external stainless steel barrel body. The stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance and corrosive effect. The temperature adjustment after glue heating package is uniform and moderate, and it can store a variety of properties. Fluid is used for dispensing, so this kind of pressure drum made of stainless steel has good application effect in the industry. It can be used in the application production of artificial board coating and backup mirror coating, which need more glue and supply continuously.
Stainless steel pressure drum
Advantages of 304 Stainless Steel for Barrel Body
The barrel body made of 304 stainless steel can withstand the influence of storage of various fluids. From the actual situation, the barrel body can resist the corrosion of weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, acid, alkali and salt. The advantage of high hardness is that the impact life is high and the rubber storage property is not easy to be affected. The distribution of the industry market shows that the barrel body of stainless steel has a variety of types of filling pressure barrels. The demand for heat remains high, because it is suitable to add glue heating pack to control the temperature of the fluid in order to adjust its properties, and to support the storage of a variety of medium-high temperature fluid adhesives or some corrosive adhesives with tape. The barrel body of this excellent material can meet the needs of wood-based panel glue coating or backing mirror glue coating and other application links with a large amount of glue.
Glue storage unit of dispensing machine
Relatively prominent role of heating and heat preservation
Because the pressure drum for glue filling needs to store various kinds of glue, it contains some glue with temperature, which can be more suitable for batch manufacturing links such as wood-based panel glue coating and reverse mirror glue coating. Relative service life is stronger. Some manufacturers will add a glue heating package to the user to adjust the temperature of glue, while the thermal conductivity of the stainless steel drum body is good and the heat resistance is strong to ensure the built-in. Fluid can be adjusted and coated at high temperature. The strong sealing in the pressure barrel brings good thermal insulation effect. Therefore, the high temperature glue stored in the barrel does not dissipate heat for a long time, has strong fluidity and is easy to adjust temperature. The position of the stainless steel barrel bound by the glue heating package will not be blackened by heating.
Pressure Barrel External Heating Package
The advantages of the pouring pressure barrel with stainless steel barrel body are relatively comprehensive and the application effect is outstanding in the industry. It is suitable for the production of batch wood-based panels with stable supply of glue and backup mirror glue.
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