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What role does the glue heating package attached by the manu

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The scope of application of glue-filling pressure barrel is mainly focused on the continuous supply of glue for coating and bonding in the production work requiring a variety of adhesives. Some pressure barrel manufacturers will attach a glue heating package to facilitate temperature adjustment. It can be used with temperature control box to use heating glue, which is mainly tied to the body of the pressure barrel to control the temperature of the internal glue. Artificial board gluing and backing mirror gluing, which need to be prepared with fluidity glue, can be adjusted by adding an accessory to the non-rusting barrel cover. Specific related instructions will be explained in the following industries to control the application of gluing pressure barrel gluing.
Special heating package for dispensing pressure drum
Value of Heating Pack for Adjusting Fluid Temperature
The glue heating package is a set of auxiliary pressure barrel composed of heating sheets to control the heating accessories of the compound. The heating sheet is used to adjust the electrical conductivity of the device to control the overall heating. The stainless steel barrel body has good thermal conductivity and is easy to control the internal temperature. The glue temperature control stored in the glue filling pressure barrel is implemented in this way. The relatively comprehensive effect of high accuracy and applicable range is prominent. The adjusting pressure of the non-rusting barrel cover at the end is only suitable for controlling the fluidity of the fluid glue. The uniform supply of the built-in glue and good fluidity of the glue are needed to ensure the supply of the glue during the manufacturing of the artificial board gluing and the reverse mirror gluing. Therefore, the role of the heating package is enlarged here. The glue with poor fluidity is heated to enhance the fluidity of the package after heat conduction. Strengthened control of the quality of the coating will be improved.
Stainless steel rubber storage pressure barrel
Choose heating pack according to the need of temperature adjustment
Most of the adhesives flow poorly, and the fluid properties stored in the pressure barrel determine the way of gluing out. For example, if the fluid with high viscosity and poor fluidity is in the mode of bottom gluing out, if the fluid with medium and low viscosity is in the mode of connecting the non-rusty barrel cover and pressurizing the glue out from the top, the attachment of the glue heating package is convenient to better adjust the quality of the glue stored in the pressure barrel. It is suitable for bonding or gluing. Red glue belongs to the bonding fluid that solidifies at such high temperature. It needs the auxiliary application of heating package. Sometimes the batch execution of application links such as wood-based panels and reversing mirrors requires stable glue supply and good flow bonding. Only when the continuous glue filling pressure barrel is used together with the glue heating package that adjusts the temperature of the storage material can it be suitable. It is used in batch production of wood-based panel gluing and reverse mirror gluing.
Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel for Rubber Storage
The specifications of glue heating package are related to the type of customization of glue filling pressure barrel. It can be divided into 1L-100L size range to support selection.
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