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Packing boxes for special applications require different dis

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Some users in the industry will call the dispensing needle as the injection needle tip or the dispensing needle tube, which has nothing to do with the application of dispensing and other aspects. The type of packaging box sealing is usually used for dispensing with straight needle, while the special shape of decorative packaging box is different from other types. It is necessary to distinguish the path of internal gluing of meticulous packaging box from that of special circuit board coating. It also needs the function of bending injection, which belongs to 45 degree bending needle used in packaging box and circuit board industries. Therefore, there are new requirements for the type of dispensing needle or injection needle tip. A bending needle is recommended to be used in sealing coating materials.
Decorative Packaging Box Sealing
Selection of special type of injection needle tip needle
Usually the packing box is sealed with a straight dispensing needle or injection needle tip to apply some glue at the bonding position, but the needle type of the non-conventional packing box is different. The main reason is that the positions of the decorative packing box need to be glued and sealed are different. As a result, the effect of the gluing of the straight needle may be biased or distorted, and the appearance of the packing box may be affected. What's more, the sealing effect is poor, so the 45-degree bending needle began to have a demand market. The main manifestation is that the injection position of the 45-degree bending needle can be uniformly applied to the bending sealing surface. The bonding position is moderate and the distribution is stable and even without deviation. Therefore, it can also be used in the application of the same special requirements of PCB coating and adhesives.
Bending plastic-steel dispensing needle
45-degree needles for industrial applications
There are many types of bending point glue needles, 45 degree bending and 90 degree bending. There are special random bending needles. Choosing 45 degree bending needle will be used in special position gluing applications, such as packaging box sealing or circuit board gluing. In order to meet more bending gluing structure, it is not suitable for traditional straight needle gluing applications. The needle supply and information about 45 degree bending dispensing in the industry are less, mainly for the need of gluing in special industries.
Stainless steel bending needle for dispensing
At present, the demand of dispensing needle (injection needle tip) is still straight, while the application scope of bending dispensing needle is still focused on special bending glue application such as packaging box sealing and circuit board coating.
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