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Importance of special dispensing needle to apply adhesive to

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The main dripping needle tube or needle used in the bonding process of circuit board is straight. The circuit board component covering the upper end of the board needs special needle to aim at the position of the coating. This special needle is a bending needle for dispensing glue. It can be applied to some special structures where the bending glue is needed. Some glue can be applied, including the bonding of the circuit board coating material and the sealing of the decorative packaging box. In order to control the quality of coating dispensing, the operator should also pay attention to the needle calibration when choosing the dispensing syringe.
Electronics Plate Coating Adhesive
Increased requirements for adhesives for special structures of circuit boards
Because there are many components on the top of some circuit boards, it is easy to cause deviation or inaccurate coating material by friction with general straight needle. The obvious influence lies in inaccurate or easy dropping of bonded components, which is the problem of unsuitable selection of accessories. Therefore, special bending point adhesive needle is needed for the coating material of this kind of circuit board, and 45 degree bending alignment is needed for the position of the coating material. Accurate and fast, and the deviation used for continuous production affects the low efficiency of execution. Important to improve the accuracy and efficiency of PCB coating is the importance and operation of needle calibration.
Bending needle for dispensing
Introduce the characteristics of bending needle for dispensing glue
Bending point glue needle is a kind of injection drop glue needle tube after polishing treatment. The control range of deburring process for bonding performance is relatively prominent. The point glue coating material at the screw opening bending deep into the slit is precise and stable. It is suitable for many types of industries. The 45 degree folding bending is suitable for the operation applications of special shape PCB coating material and packaging box sealing, etc. The spinning structure is relatively convenient to lock on the dispensing valve or dispensing syringe. The bending needle seat adopts the double helix locking function and large area rotation, which is stable and sustainable in batch operation. The problem of needle calibration is an important factor affecting the accuracy of the coating material. The following will be explained accordingly.
Circuit Substrate Coating Spot Glue
The Important Role of Correct Calibration
Needle calibration is very important for straight or curved needle tubes. It is also important for batch production of special applications such as the sealing of special printed circuit board coating materials and packaging boxes. The operation of bending needle needle fixing at dispensing valve or dispensing needle tube should be in accordance with this principle. After calibration, needle can not be touched by hand to avoid further deviation. Press the operating button of dispensing machine. The uniform distribution of adhesives and the good bonding quality of adhesives for aligned circuit boards indicate that good calibration is a necessary condition for high batch quality of adhesives for printed circuit boards.
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