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Preliminary understanding of the process of jewelry dropping

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Do you see a variety of beautiful and innovative jewelry in online shopping? Most of these are made by jewelry dropping process, which will form a good aesthetic effect when the colored fluid drops evenly to the surface after cooling and solidification. Many jewelry products, including badges or shells, need to use the dropping process. This link needs to ensure a good and stable control of the supply of rubber for the complete dropping process. After dropping, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the jewelry reaches the standard and that the dispersal of the adhesive points does not occur. In general, automatic equipment with plastic dropping syringe is better to perform. In the adjustment of dropping ratio, it should be 3:1 or 2:1, which should ensure that the dispensing syringe is in line with the operation.
Crystal clip dropping gum
Explain the need for jewelry dropping glue
Plastic dropping syringe is recommended as a storage control tool for finishing surface dropping of jewelry. PP material is made without organosilicon and chloride to ensure the safety of product dropping. There are no hairy edges and no bubbles on the edge of needle barrel to enhance the rate of good finished jewelry dropping. The jewelry is fixed on the fixture of automation equipment for dropping, and the rubber for dropping should be coated to. The effect of concave is the benchmark, after adjustment, the depth of concave can be reduced as much as possible by curing and drying, and the effect of finished jewelry can achieve good results, good quality and high efficiency. The mass production of badge gum dropping also needs to meet this point. The adjustment of gum dropping ratio should be paid attention to but not exceed too much. Otherwise, it is difficult to solve the problem that the adjustable gum points disperse or can not be cured. Definitely.
Special glue for dripping glue
Relevant Questions and Solutions of High Quality Dropping Gum
1. What is the proportion of gum dropping?
Generally, the proportion of gum dropping should be adjusted around 2:1 or 3:1. It should be placed in the storage control of two-component plastic gum dropping syringe, which is more suitable for the needs of jewelry gum dropping.
2. Stirring time
It should be stirred clockwise and evenly until there is no floating or sinking substance in the dropping material. It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of bubbles from affecting the dropping quality.
3. How to determine the curing of the dropping glue?
For jewelry or badge, after dropping glue, it can be gently poked at the edge by a pointed object without breaking the glue dot. If no glue dot disperses, it will be a good glue dropping effect.
Japanese storage drip syringe
The quality of jewelry dropping gum can be ensured to meet the standards in terms of aesthetics and quality by proper operation. Therefore, the type selection of dispensing syringe is not irrelevant. The application of plastics dropping gum syringe in improving the quality of complete dropping gum is relatively obvious.
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