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Is there any correlation between 45 degree bend needle and t

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Straight dispensing needle, also known as dropping needle tube, is an auxiliary application accessory added to the rubber valve or syringe. In fact, there is a special 45-degree bending needle in the line for users to choose and apply. Unlike ordinary needle, the straight dispensing needle has a 45-degree bending angle in the middle and then provides the flow of glue coating. This type of bending needle is used in demand bending dispensing. The needle can be used to align the glue supply coatings for applications in different industries, such as packaging box sealing or circuitry board coating with zigzag adsorbent filling dispensing.
Stainless steel 45 degree bending needle
Introduce the characteristics of corner needle
45 degree bending needle is a special bending needle or dripping needle tube after polishing treatment, which can achieve the effective effect of precision glue production and non-wire drawing. The wool removal process is used to control the relative precision of the compound. The pattern of 45 degree bending of the screw opening into the fine seam is in line with the special requirements of the industry application, with packaging box sealing and board coating as the first batch. The special dripping needle tube needs to be applied in industry manufacture. It is easy to control the sealing coating by dispensing glue on non-contact surface. The 45-degree bending is suitable for double-helix locking with plastic seat for the installation of dispensing valve or dispensing needle barrel. The disassembly is more convenient and the needle holder with double-helix locking function can be used for large-area rotary locking, and the 45-degree bending needle barrel can be installed. The dispensing valve can be used for a long time to stabilize the coating in bending position.
Bending plastic seat dispensing needle
To meet the needs of coatings for PCB internals
In addition to being suitable for sealing decorative packaging boxes, components need to be adhered to the board to reinforce and play a role in the circuit board manufacturing process. The application requirements of the circuit board coating industry are in the stage of rising demand. The size of electronic components makes ordinary straight needles unsuitable for filling and gluing the internal slits. Ordinary straight needles or dripping needles are suitable for gluing. Poor performance, needle bending needle is needed to meet the production and application of PCB and improve the quality of point glue. 45 degree bending needle is added to the precise flow control valve to reinforce the fine seam position of PCB components, so there is a direct impact on the quality and efficiency of PCB bonding.
Electronics Board Adhesive
The portable chuck of 45 degree elbow needle is a function of reinforcing the tightening and not easy to loosen and fall off. It can avoid the problem of vulnerability caused by conventional glue and the corrosion of glue material affecting the quality of point glue.
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