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What's the problem of preventing the adhesive dots from disp

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The application of gum dropping technology is expanding more and more widely. Many types of jewelry gum dropping technology, including badge gum dropping, are used for this reason. In this link, gum dropping is a problem that causes gum dropping quality. Therefore, guaranteeing the uniformity of gum dropping becomes the standard of gum dropping quality in the industry. We should find out the causes of gum dropping quality and the ways to solve them from the industry operation. From the current situation, it is directly related to the uneven adjustment of the dropping ratio. The factors leading to the dispersal of the dropping point are analyzed from the operation of the plastic dropping syringe.
Colouring jewelry with gum dropping
Analysis of the Reasons for Dispersion of Adhesive Points
From the point of view of dropping process, the operation will not be particularly complicated. After the material surface is cleanly and perfectly treated, the proportioned crystal glue stored in the plastic dropping syringe is coated on the surface of the badge or the same type of jewelry. After drying, the effect of the badge or jewelry is checked. If the dropping glue is clear, no photocopy and no overlap is found, the effect will be good. If the dropping glue points are scattered, the causes of the dispersion should be investigated. This analysis is mainly related to the adjustment of the dropping ratio. The general ratio should be about 1:3, which can achieve the ideal dropping effect. For example, the improper proportion of the adjustment directly results in the poor solidification quality. The specific performance is that the plastic dropping syringe is too thin, the rubber can not be solidified after dropping out, and the application quality of badge dropping and jewelry dropping is affected.
Two-component PP dropping syringe
Operations to Improve the Quality of Adhesive Points
In order to reduce the influence of adhesive point dispersion, we should start with the adjustment of the dropping ratio, and keep the ratio at about 1:3 as a good input dropping range. If the material dripped from the plastic dropping syringe is too thin, it can be added again to increase the concentration of the compound, and then tested after adjusting to the suitable concentration. If the heat curing adhesive point dispersion occurs after dropping, the concentration of the compound will be increased by adding the compound here, otherwise, if the heat curing adhesive point dispersion occurs after dropping, it will increase the concentration. Pectin dot is not easy to disperse again after curing, which indicates that the quality of the dot is good at this time. This kind of viscous dropping compound is suitable for jewelry dropping and badge dropping applications in mass demand.
Two Component Ratio Crystal Adhesive
Usually the plastic syringe suitable for storing special crystal gum for gum dropping is chosen as the standard gum dropping accessories. This syringe is relatively portable and easy to operate. It can be used with automation equipment to control gum dropping quality, and the problem of gum dropping can be controlled steadily.
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