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Application of PP Plastic Dropping Needle Barrel for Batch P

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The general process of badge manufacturing requires proper amount of gum dropping at the end as decoration. Batch control of badge gum dropping requires gum dispensing syringe storage control with good durability and simple use. A kind of gum dispensing syringe which can store the pattern of crystal gum dropping is recommended. This PP plastic gum dropping syringe has relatively simple auxiliary use and good endurance life. Most semi-automatic equipments or self-service. This kind of syringe can be installed in the dynamic equipment to control the outflow of crystal dropping gum. The problem of how long the dropping gum can be dry needs to be solved. The application effect of this syringe in mass-produced jewelry dropping gum and badge dropping gum is consistent and the dropping gum is uniform and beautiful.
Adhesive for decorative badges
The characteristics and application of plastic dropping syringe are described.
The dripping syringe made of PP material does not contain organosilicon and chloride and other substances. The application quality of dripping syringe is affected by the problems of no hairy edge and no bubbles produced by special technology. The inner wall of the dripping syringe is not inclined and the wall of the thicker cylinder can be used for a long time to complete the industrial application of the dripping syringe of badges. The plastic dripping syringe belongs to a Japanese type of dripping syringe. The double convex design of the cap edge can be connected with the Omni-directional safety thread design ensures strong stability when tightly locked. It can store and apply crystal dropping glue to control the color effect for a long time. Therefore, this needle barrel is chosen to control the flow uniformly and stably for long-term applications such as badge dropping glue and jewelry dropping glue. The question of how long the dropping glue can be dry will be briefly introduced below.
Japanese plastic drop syringe
Installation and application of badge batch production line
The mode of emblem dropping glue should be operated by flat-panel dropping glue. This mode can be used in batches for emblem and similar jewelry dropping glue. It is suitable for the coloring of emblem with complex patterns and many colors. The plastic dropping glue syringe can be added to the automatic equipment to control the flow of dropping glue. The effect of coloring can be controlled by extruding the amount of dropping glue in the mode of pneumatic conveying, especially the fading of gradual dropping badge. This mode operates the quality of badge dropping glue. From the measurement standard, we can know whether the quality of finished product dropping glue meets the standard. From the design of badge, clear, no photocopy and no overlap are good dropping glue effect.
Adornment dropping glue
Dry-setting time and promoting method of dripping gum
The question of how long the dripping gum can be dry is briefly explained here. Generally, the crystal dripping gum mixed according to the volume ratio of 1:3 can be dried in half a day to one day. If it needs to promote the drying speed, it can be heated by appropriate hot water bath to promote the curing rate. This method is also suitable for the thermal shrinkage gum. When the temperature of the water bath is higher, the dripping gum will speed up. This method is more suitable. Application and production of jewelry and badge dropping glue in batches.
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