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How much does the adjustment of the general gum dropping rat

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The application of gum-dropping technology is mainly for decorative appearance or colouring effect. The adjustment of gum-dropping ratio is to control the viscosity or strength of crystal gum. The common adjustment of gum-dropping ratio is about 3:1. For example, 45 g a gum + 15 g b gum = 60 g gum is used for gum-dropping, which mainly concentrates on the industry applications such as jewelry gum-dropping or badge gum-dropping. It is necessary to control the proportion adjustment of this kind of gum-dropping. A dispensing syringe suitable for adjusting two-component compound is used, in which the plastic dispensing syringe is used for assembling automatic control flow with high accuracy.
Double liquid dispensing syringe
Choose a suitable dripping syringe
Before we introduced that the proportion of dropping glue can be adjusted to 3:1. The proportion of PP-based dropping glue syringe used in the industry is stable and the application of dropping glue is even. The two-component dropping glue-controlled dropping syringe can be controlled by static flow mode. The storage and application of plastic dropping glue syringe which needs to be coated with jewelry dropping glue or badge dropping glue is relatively consistent and strict. The sealing function of the lattice ensures the stability of the dropping glue and prevents the leakage of residual glue. The thickness of the cylinder wall can prevent the bursting of the needle barrel. It can be added to the special coating equipment for crystal dropping glue to complete the quality control of the dropping glue. The effect of the two-component structure of the dropping glue barrel on the adjustment of the dropping glue proportion requires the operator to adjust the proportion steadily.
Double liquid PP dispensing syringe
Suitable for many industries in need of gum dropping
Most jewelry appearance needs to be decorated with glue dropping to the surface color. Choosing suitable equipment and accessories can achieve the effect of the jewelry dropping glue. It needs to adjust the proportion evenly before dropping to the surface of the jewelry. In this application, two-component plastic dropping syringe is selected to store and adjust, and the emblem dropping glue also needs to be operated, such as shells, badges and stickers. The needle barrel can be used to store and fill the dropping glue in decorative ornaments such as diaphragms. It can control the flow rate for a long time and adjust the proportion of precise dropping glue to suit the batch production line of the badge, including the application of the badge dropping glue.
Bicomponent adhesive AB
Most of the jewelry dripping gum with high demand recommend PP environmental protection plastic dripping syringe to control the amount of gum, and the application effect of adjusting the proportion of gum dripping is stable and prominent.
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