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Introduce the characteristics of crystal dropping glue and t

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Dropping glue technology is very important in the manufacture and coating of handicraft products, so the demand of crystal dropping glue as an important consumable has always been high, which is directly related to the batch production of the current industry demand. The application of jewelry dropping glue and badge dropping glue has always required high efficiency and stable glue supply to ensure consistency and other related elements. This time, crystal dropping will be introduced. The properties and applications of glue were briefly described.
Crystal Drop Adhesive
Introduce the characteristics of crystal dropping gum
As a matter of fact, crystal dropping gum is an AB gum adjusted according to its proportion. It has good filling effect and transparency similar to crystal texture. So it is often used in many kinds of jewelry dropping gum. It mainly uses plastic dropping syringe for storage and application. The main proportion is 1:1 or 1:3. This kind of gum is not resistant to the influence of light and high temperature environment, and generally needs to be stored in a cool and dark place at 25 C, especially. It should be stored at low temperature in summer without adding diluent to avoid affecting the function of gum dropping. Operators need to know how long the gum dropping is capable and how to promote its drying and firmness when adjusting, so as to improve its application in jewelry gum dropping or badge gum dropping.
Two-component plastic dropping syringe suitable for adjusting crystal dropping compound can be stored and applied. Crystal glue and catalyst stored in the inner part can flow out from the two-component plastic dropping syringe through static mixing in proportion for color decoration. How long the dropping glue can be dried is directly related to the ratio. Usually, 1:3 dropping glue has faster drying speed and stronger bonding strength, and the temperature can be added appropriately. The decorative bonding effect of dripping glue is improved.
PP transparent dropping syringe
The characteristics and input effect of plastic dropping syringe are described.
The characteristics of the large demand and application in the industry result in the need for continuous supply and coating of dropping gum, which does not contain organosilicon and chloride to ensure the safety of product dropping gum, without hairy edges and bubbles on the edge, no inclination on the inner wall of the needle barrel and thickening the wall of the barrel. It can be used to store commonly used dropping gum fluids, including crystal dropping gum. Or mixed type of rubber, the size of two-component plastic dropping syringe will affect the control effect of storage application. In the application of badge dropping, multiple badges placed on the platform will be uniformly coated on the surface to achieve the purpose of dropping decoration. Besides the matching application of plastic dropping syringe, it also needs the precise adjustment of the proportion. This is a matter of how long the dropping syringe can dry. Important factors.
Badge dropping glue spray paint
Crystal dropping gum is also called dome technology abroad. It can achieve decorative effect by pouring a layer of tension paint on the surface.
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