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In which industries are coated silica gel applications conce

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The liquid coated silica gel used for insulation or decoration is a kind of adhesive compound connected with silicon atom by organic matter. This kind of silica gel has low shrinkage rate, good anti-skid performance, good medium stability, and is suitable for bonding, heat-resistant protection and other applications. CPU coated silica gel or silica gel coated graphics card industry is the demand and Application scope of coated silica gel. How to coat needs to be operated according to the correct method. Usually this high viscosity compound needs to be stored and applied in a stable and large volume container. The loading of silica gel pressure barrel is the supply source of long-term application of this compound.
Barrel coated silica gel
Introduce the properties of colloids
Coating is a purposeful operation of anticorrosion, insulation and decoration. Its curing conditions should follow these conditions: moderate viscosity, rapid curing at high temperature, high transparency, good adhesion, heat resistance, water resistance and good air permeability. Therefore, this special silica gel can be used in applications such as CPU coated silica gel or silica gel coated graphics card. How to coat to achieve good bonding effect? Because of the poor fluidity and easy to control the temperature of wire drawing, it should be controlled by the storage application of silica gel pressure barrel. When the pressure barrel is stored, the flow temperature of the bottom gum is relatively simple, so that the coated silica gel can be effectively supplied for the storage of gum coating and other applications.
Circuit Board Adhesive
Common Problems on Controlling Coating of Silica Gel
Because of the application problems of silica gel, the common problems of how to coat or control silica gel are briefly explained. Here, the problems that need operators to solve and adjust to coat this kind of compound are listed.
1. Insufficient bonding
The main reason is that the time is not enough to complete curing, which affects the application of CPU coated with silica gel or silicone gel coated graphics cards and other factors.
2. Non-curing
Proper addition of curing accelerator can accelerate curing speed
3. Rubber Temperature Not Reaching Requirements
The exterior heating package of silica gel pressure barrel can be used to adjust the temperature of the internal compound, so that the compound can be cured after flowing.
4. Silica Coated Wire Drawing
Quick pull-back of silicone pressure drum after glue supply in order to break the wire in an instant
Carbon steel silicone pressure barrel
The application of CPU coated with silica gel or silica gel coated graphics card can choose to bond with coated silica gel, which is also based on good bonding protection.
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