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How long does gum drop last? What are the ways to promote dr

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There are many links in the external decoration of small-scale products, including jewelry dropping, badge dropping, bookmark dropping and gemstone dropping. This paper gives some answers and simple suggestions on how long the dropping can be dry and how to promote the drying, which has a certain positive effect on the user's control of the effect of crystal dropping. The lower the adjustment of glue, the faster the curing speed is promoted. The application of the ratio stored in the plastic dropping syringe should tend to be suitable for the viscosity of the dropping glue.
Adornment drop glue filling
Effect of Ratio Adjustment on Dry Solid Quality
As for how long the dripping glue can work, different promotion methods should be chosen according to the needs of users. In mass production lines such as jewelry dripping glue or badge dripping glue, the drying and solidification state is usually accelerated in one way. According to the way of higher temperature and faster solidification, the drying and solidification state can be controlled within 100 C. Check whether the ratio is suitable for about 1:3. It is confirmed that there are no bubbles in the inner part of the droplet when it is stirred sufficiently. The way of heating is to place the crystal bottle in hot water so that the water can not touch the droplet to avoid the influence of the strength. The strength and value of the droplet after solidification start from the uniform adjustment of the ratio, including the storage in the plastic droplet syringe can not be affected by the water. How long can the dropping glue work if the strength is reduced? About 24 hours to 48 hours to achieve stable droplet gum quality.
Ratio of Crystal Drop Adhesive
How to adjust the dripping glue without drying
Wet environment is one of the reasons for the difficulty in drying and solidifying, including jewelry dripping glue or badge dripping glue production lines should ensure relative dryness. Before storing dripping glue, check whether there are defects and holes in the plastic dripping syringe, avoid the influence of the properties and strength of crystal dripping glue, and how long dripping glue can be dry without proper operation. It will be difficult to solve. If the dripping glue is not dry, the contact movement skew should be adjusted. It can be blown by hot air gun or blower or lighter. The dripping glue will be changed from semi-solidified state to flowing state for easy control.
Transparent Japanese Dropping Needle Tube
Users often ask how long the dripping glue is capable. This article briefly introduces and promotes the way of drying. In order to ensure the complete effect of mass production lines such as jewelry dripping glue and badge dripping glue, it is recommended to operate in a reasonable way.
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