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Is there a suitable tool for lacquer injection? Recommended

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Often seen paint has high viscosity and poor fluidity. Therefore, in order to ensure that the cost is in line with and suitable for injection, a disposable dispensing syringe is recommended as a tool for injection storage. This syringe is formed by manual pressing and extrusion injection at one go, and is suitable for pressure injection of various paint or fluids. Injection by injection can be operated independently without other tools. It belongs to a manual glue syringe. This disposable dispensing syringe is made of inert PP material and can store a variety of paint or fluid extrusion output.
Paint Injection
Supporting multiple paint storage and controlled injection
Paint, paint and other coated decorative materials are also paints. These paints have deep color and high fluidity differential viscosity. If a dispensing valve is selected to control the injection of glue, the effect of one-time dispensing syringe can be highlighted in this part of the application, whether it is high viscosity or medium-low viscosity paint fluid. As long as the non-solidified state can be stored in the syringe extrusion injection outflow, the disposable dispensing syringe is suitable for storing the paint position required for the injection of paint. Due to the complex cleaning of the inner wall, it should be discarded directly. This hand-held glue syringe is more instant than other types of accessories for extrusion injection, and is suitable for injection of multiple streams. Application of body infusion and other links.
Injection dispensing syringe
Why is a disposable tool necessary?
One-off dispensing syringe is used to store paint and extrude injection to meet the requirements of coating application. Although the feedback of coating effect is not as good as the intelligent function of automatic equipment control, it can also determine the amount of paint injection because of the operator's real-time control. According to this operation, a variety of glues can be satisfied. Water injection and extrusion is a portable, easy-to-control and versatile tool for extrusion, injection and paint injection. One-time glue syringe is suitable for controlling the quality of multi-fluid injection control with this instant effect, and the cost is low to avoid the impact of cross-use of the glue paint.
Disposable syringe
The disposable dispensing syringe used to control fluid supports many kinds of applications such as paint injection and extrusion injection. It is widely used in industry because of its simple operation and comprehensive application.
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