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Are there any rubber drums suitable for continuous ceramic b

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Ceramics mostly need to use part of organic glue as adhesives for large-area bonding, so the bonding link of ceramics needs to use appropriate glue for bonding and strengthening. In order to ensure the stability of high-pressure spraying glue bonding, it is necessary to support the continuous use of rubber barrels. The rubber barrel is such a suitable one. With continuous feeding device, the top is equipped with pneumatic safety valve, pneumatic pressure regulating valve, rubber outlet, pressure relief device and so on, which can be applied to ceramics or wood viscose and other large areas of complete spraying bonding effect.
Bonding of Ceramic Parts
What is ceramic bonding?
The links between ceramics and ceramics which are completely strengthened and bonded by some glue are collectively called ceramic bonding. In this link, epoxy glue is mainly used to strengthen the strength of the links. There are also some glues specially used in the production of ceramics. If safety needs to be achieved, it is suggested that the glue with good environmental protection level be purchased and the spraying technology be rationally used to pass the links. After high-pressure spraying mode spraying to the bonding position, the overall stability effect is determined by the moderate strength and bonding area of the compound, and the whole strengthening degree of the ceramic is determined by the effect of the complete spraying when bonding. Therefore, carrying a rubber storage bucket can be used in the continuous spraying process, and large storage bucket can be used. Continuous supply of multi-capacity glue prevents poor bonding caused by insufficient glue supply in ceramics production. It is suitable for the application of large-scale glue coating such as ceramics or wood glue, thus reflecting the importance of glue storage barrels.
Carbon steel intact rubber storage pressure barrel
Introduce the characteristics of storage bucket
The standard carbon steel rubber storage barrel cover has four two-part dental grooves, which support the installation of pneumatic safety valve, pneumatic pressure regulating valve, glue outlet and pressure relief device. The structure of these devices is reasonable and the function of the pneumatic safety valve is strong. The function of the pneumatic safety valve is to release the pressure in the storage barrel at any time to avoid excessive safety. Hidden danger, pressure regulating valve is to adjust the supply material to meet the pressure requirements of ceramic bonding, so that the high-pressure spraying compound keeps a uniform and stable effect. It is suitable for application in industries with multiple requirements, such as ceramic bonding or wood bonding. It supports the storage of various rubber materials and can be customized freely to ensure the suitable storage of rubber materials. It meets the need of high pressure spraying.
Carbon steel pressure barrel
Considering the above characteristics, this rubber storage bucket has a strong effect on improving the stability of ceramic bonding. It is suitable for the industries that require large areas of coating, such as ceramics or wood viscose, to maintain stable feeding materials.
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