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What dispensing syringe is used to control the extrusion vol

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Most semi-finished products need to be applied in the production process to achieve fluid infusion. This paper recommends a special dispensing syringe to help operators better control the amount of glue or paint infusion injection. As a syringe, disposable dispensing syringe is suitable for one-way fluid paint control in medical industry or industry. It is a subclass of straight-mouth injection syringes. The advantages of this syringe operation for most kinds of fluid paint injection are described below.
Fluid Infusion Filling
Recommendation for Application of Fluid Infusion
Semi-finished product infusion fluid mainly concentrates on the properties of low viscosity or medium and high viscosity. If the operator who is not familiar with dispensing injection equipment adjusts the application effect will be affected. If the dispensing syringe is recommended in the industry where the injection volume is not large, the reason is that the dispensing syringe is simple and easy to operate and can be stored. Material fluid supports diversification. Lacquer or fluid is placed in the syringe to manually extrude the rubber plug to infuse the stored fluid into the coating surface. This type of fittings is relatively special in many straight injection syringes. The extrusion amount of one-time dispensing syringe is determined by the force control of the operator. This operation mode is based on the strength control of the operator. Relatively simple and easy to control, external needle calibration assists operators to understand the residual capacity of fluids, so it is suitable for various types of fluids or lacquer injection and infusion applications.
Hand-push disposable dispensing syringe
The application characteristics of disposable needle barrel are introduced.
The disposable dispensing needle barrel is made of inert PP material. It can be used for various types of rubber, fluid, paint and so on. It supports the work of low-dose fluid infusion and paint injection. The embedded structure makes the needle aim at the infusion for a long time without falling off easily. The inner wall is closely matched with the piston to control the fluid and paint in the mode of extrusion. The external syringe calibration is used for the complete control of auxiliary compound. Because this syringe is a disposable product, it should be discarded after use in order to avoid the influence of cross-use on fluid or paint, and belongs to a hand-held straight-mouth syringe.
Extruded disposable needle barrel
The disposable dispensing syringe is suitable for the infusion of various kinds of medium and low viscosity fluids. Because of the poor fluidity of high viscosity fluids and easy curing, the rubber extruded by this syringe is less.
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