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Specially suitable for dispensing needles filled with low vi

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There are many industries that need low viscosity filler for filling and coating, such as chip packaging or flexible circuit board viscose applications, including some large areas of brushing will also choose low viscosity glue for filling and filling. The advantage of low viscosity is that it has a certain fixed strength and can not be completely bonded, which makes it difficult to remove. 1. Generally, nylon brushes are chosen to finish uniform coating, while dispensing needles suitable for low-viscosity glue and brushing are recommended to use flat-mouthed soft needles as a special coating accessory, with uniform paint without damaging the surface as the selection index.
Low Viscosity PVC Adhesive
Colloidal Control Applications with Low Viscosity
The investment of low-viscosity encapsulation glue is mainly focused on the reinforcement and coating application of some electronic components. Large-area brushing filling and encapsulation is completed by precise dispensing equipment control. This way, the coating is more uniform and covers a wide area. The integrity and uniform effect of flexible circuit board adhesives to the viscose requirements of electronic components are all good. It can be achieved by filling with low viscosity filling glue. Nylon brush is usually used for complete coating of low viscosity filling glue. Flat-mouthed soft needle is recommended for the convenience of automation equipment application and easy to control this kind of filling glue.
Multi-specification flat-mouthed brush needle
Introduce the characteristics of soft place rubber needle
Flat-mouthed soft wool needle is characterized by flat, soft texture and small structure. It can be used for uniform path filling and gluing. Because the whole body is made of PP pipe and soft wool, it can not be coated with high-viscosity glue. It is easy to make soft wool bonded and can not be uniformly glued, so it is only suitable for filling and transporting with low-viscosity filling and sealing glue. Soft wool has the advantage of soft texture without damaging the surface of material. Ordinary metal needles are easy to scratch the surface of products when passing through. Therefore, it is recommended to use this flat-mouthed soft wool needle for quantitative control in applications such as viscose on flexible circuit boards. It has the same effect as nylon brush for controlling the coating of rubber. The effect of area brushing will be prominent and remarkable.
Round-mouth flat-mouth soft brush needle
The control of low viscosity filling glue needs the control coating of soft needle, and the advantages of uniform coating distribution without injuring parts become the selection index. There are many industries that need filling and coating of low viscosity encapsulating adhesive, such as chip packaging or flexible circuit board viscose, etc. Some large area brushing will also choose low viscosity glue for filling and filling. The advantage of low viscosity is that it has a certain fixed strength but will not.
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