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What tools are used to control the extrusion volume during f

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Fluids with medium or low viscosity or high viscosity need to be controlled by special tools for injection and extrusion. Straight-mouth injection syringe storage is usually selected for such fluid infusion, which can be connected to automatic equipment to adjust pneumatic conveying, infusion or injection. Therefore, the type of syringe selected for fluid control can be straight-mouth type injection needle. In fact, the disposable dispensing syringe can be used to control the coating. Both of them can precisely adjust the extrusion volume by observing the calibration of the syringe. Different assistant tools suitable for the injection should be selected according to the need.
Transformer Filling Adhesive
It is very important to choose different types of syringes for fluid infusion according to different needs. For example, medium and low viscosity fluid control coatings are recommended for repeated use of straight-mouth injection syringes, and single-use dispensing syringes can be used for injection infusion of high viscosity fluids or viscous paint if necessary.
Straight-mouth Japanese dispensing syringe
Application of Straight-mouth Injection Needle Barrel
Because the straight-mouth injection syringe belongs to the standard dispensing syringe, it can be connected with the controller or operated on the automation equipment. This syringe is made of environmentally friendly PP material. It does not pollute the effect of good products when it is injected. Most of the syringes can be used except for high-heat fluid injection or infusion. The characteristics of the syringe are that it can be used repeatedly and the operation is simple and applicable. The external syringe calibration is convenient for the operator to adjust the fluid infusion volume more steadily. Compared with the disposable dispensing syringe, the straight injection syringe has higher applicability and stabilization effect. In fact, the syringe is suitable for lacquer injection. In the application, the main reason for not putting into this application is that the cleaning paint is relatively complex and the investment is high. Considering the operability, if the paint needs to be repeatedly cleaned, the intensity is high.
Disposable syringe
Application of disposable dispensing syringe
Most liquid injection syringes can be used repeatedly for a long time. If the tools needed to control the injection of viscous paint are different, it is recommended that one-time dispensing syringes be used in the operation of this kind of paint injection. The syringe scale is also attached outside the syringe syringe to help the operator adjust steadily. Extrusion quantity and high viscosity of paint require more extrusion force, so this kind of syringe is mainly used to manually control the PP extrusion plug at the top of the press, so that the paint can be extruded under the influence of operation. This instantaneous effect is one of its advantages, and can be directly discarded after the operation of the paint injection. This kind of dispensing syringe costs less and avoids. Cross-use should be abandoned.
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