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Can you recommend a dispensing needle with medium and low vi

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Most products that need to be bonded need to be coated with medium-low viscosity adhesive, which is mainly evolved by the requirement of bonding and disassembly. Flexible circuit board viscose requires low-viscosity filling adhesive as a bonding part, needs medium-low viscosity adhesive control and used for coating, and can be disassembled without sticking to death. Good gluing effect, the needle selected in this link should not only ensure the uniformity of the gluing material, but also prevent scratches due to hardness operation. Therefore, flat-mouthed soft wool needle is recommended for the application of medium and low viscosity glue.
Low Viscosity Encapsulating Adhesive
Recommended dispensing needle for medium and low viscosity glue coating
Flat-mouthed soft wool needle has a soft texture and a wide coating area. According to this characteristic, it can achieve the effect of path coating or scraping of the compound. It is suitable for applications such as uniform and stable path coating of the required coating compound. It is suitable for low viscosity filling adhesive, bottom coating agent boiling, catalyst, lubricating oil, flux and other fluids with medium and low viscosity. The quality PP pipe can be used in the industry application which needs no damage to the surface of the parts. As a flat-mouth needle, it can complete and uniformly coat the path of the compound, connect to the operation of automation equipment to ensure the integrity of the coating and the uniform concentration of the compound, so the flat-mouth soft wool needle can be applied to the half-degree of demand. Viscose coated flexible circuit board viscose and other similar links used.
Flat fur needle
Requirements for Adhesive Coating on Soft Material Circuit Board
Flexible circuit board adhesives require low and medium viscosity adhesives to be bonded. Because they need to be uniformly coated and have certain disassembly function at the same time, they are mainly coated with medium and low viscosity adhesives as a bonding method. The application of flat-mouthed soft wool needles shows very important value and role in this link, which can be matched with automatic equipment. The movement of soft needle can achieve the effect of controlling the uniformity of the coating material of low-viscosity encapsulating adhesive. At the same time, the stability of the material surface without scratching becomes the application requirement of the industry nowadays. With the effect of uniform coating, it becomes an application accessory of this kind of material for gluing and bonding.
Filling compound for flexible circuit board
Flat-mouthed soft wool needle, as an accessory with uniform coating path, only supports medium-low viscosity compound. High-viscosity compound can easily make soft wool stick together, and can not achieve the complete gluing effect. This point should be paid attention to in operation and then put into application.
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