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Rubber level display is one of the functions of guaranteeing

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The liquid level display function of rubber is a function attached to some pressure barrels. Through this function, the volume of rubber stored in the barrel can be known, and the position of holes and grooves on the top of the barrel lid can be detected and controlled as well as the pressure relief valve. The stability and sustainability of the dispensing pressure barrel can not be separated from the auxiliary application of this device, and can be displayed by the liquid level. The display function can prevent the lack of material after the use of the internal rubber and affect the coherence. Whether the dispensing pressure bucket or the rubber storage bucket needs the auxiliary application of the display function to enhance the stability. It can ensure the stable supply of the rubber for batch manufacturing such as wood or ceramic bonding.
Functional Composition Chart of Pressure Barrel
Understanding the Function of Rubber Level Display
The dispensing pressure barrel and the rubber storage barrel have the function of displaying the storage material. The displaying function of the rubber level is usually attached to the position of multiple holes and grooves at the end of the barrel cover. After the connection, the volume liquid level inside the barrel can be detected. The bottom end of the barrel cover needs to check whether the rubber seal ring is damaged or the seal is not correct, and check. Check the connection stability of pneumatic safety valve, pneumatic pressure regulating valve, glue outlet, pressure relief device and liquid level display device. After complete installation and fixing, it can display the volume of internal storage immediately for better parameter adjustment. When the glue supply is insufficient for a long time, the glue level can be displayed and added. In order to keep the dispensing pressure barrel or rubber storage barrel stable, and prevent the lack of materials in high demand industries such as wood viscose and ceramic bonding from affecting the coherence, attention should be paid to the normal installation and function of other accessories, including pneumatic safety valve.
Carbon steel rubber storage drum
Necessity of Industry Application
The function of displaying liquid level of glue has played a good role in many application industries. For example, the glue supply of mass production demand such as wood viscose and ceramic bonding is large, and large volume of glue storage barrel and dispensing pressure barrel are needed. This kind of storage barrel has a large volume and can store more glue application. The problem is that the internal rubber can not control the remaining amount. If the storage volume of the remaining rubber is not known in time, the impact of material shortage will easily occur in the application, which will directly affect the coherence of wood viscose or ceramic bonding and other industries, and may cause some material shortage and affect the bonding effect. Therefore, the level of the rubber is obvious. The application of indication function in this link is indispensable. It can help operators to confirm the residual amount of internal rubber storage, and effectively alleviate the problem of material shortage in rubber supply.
Wood uniform viscose
In view of the comprehensive application of the rubber storage drum which can continuously and steadily supply rubber, it is necessary to have the function of displaying the level of the rubber to achieve the effective effect of improving the yield of good products.
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