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Does the dispensing pressure drum have the function of pneum

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The dispensing pressure barrel plays an effective role in the supply and storage of glue in many industries. The function of pneumatic stirring glue is one of its functions. The purpose of pneumatic driving stirring can only be achieved by adding a stirring pump at the bottom. The dispensing pressure barrel belongs to an auxiliary device for continuous dispensing of glue to stabilize the supply of glue to glue and large volume storage. Known for its many characteristics, there is a demand for continuous supply of materials such as wood viscose or ceramic bonding. The pressure inside can be adjusted by the level display function to ensure stability. Does this kind of dispensing pressure barrel have the function of stirring glue? A brief description will be given below.
Carbon steel rubber bucket
Realization of glue mixing function
The function of pneumatic mixing glue is inseparable from the mixing device at the bottom. In fact, only the support and installation of the glue pressure barrel are needed to meet this requirement. The glue storage barrel belongs to a type of carbon steel pressure barrel which is durable and diversified in application. It supports long-lasting and stable feeding mode and adopts stamping forming. Storage drums are more durable, and auxiliary accessories are needed to realize the function of pneumatic mixing glue. Stirring pump can be added to the bottom of drums for continuous application. The glue adjusted by pneumatic mixing function can not be stratified to maintain stable and uniform bonding quality. At this time, the glue is relatively uniform and suitable for wood viscose and ceramics. In the continuous and stable feeding links such as bonding, it is only necessary to ensure that the rubber storage barrel supports dispensing feeding and check whether the liquid level display of the rubber is working properly.
Agitating vane motor
Stirring function is in great demand
Usually the glue will be gradually stratified after storage for a period of time, and the result of stratification will affect the viscosity more or less. Therefore, the function of pneumatic stirring glue is prominent. More and more production lines need to stir glue function to make the glue can be used for a long time in the material supply, including wood glue and ceramic bonding. In addition to the need for automatic equipment positioning control, the stability of rubber is also a very important part of the demand for uniform and stable distribution of rubber. The role of continuous supply of rubber storage barrel prevents the impact of incomplete supply of rubber and lack of material, etc. At the same time, the mixing function assists to avoid the quality of glue application being affected and needs to be operated. The operator inspects the level display of the glue and adjusts the outflow to fully adhere the glue cover.
Single liquid epoxy resin compound
The stability and continuity of dispensing pressure barrel are needed in the process of wood viscose bonding with ceramics, which needs continuous stable supply. The application effect and quality control of viscose bonding can be greatly improved by adding the function of pneumatic stirring glue.
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